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New Opportunities at Mantra Tanzania Ltd (Mantra) June 2024

  AjiraLeo Tanzania       Saturday, June 8, 2024
Mantra Tanzania Limited (Mantra)
Jobs in Tanzania 2024: New Job Vacancies at Mantra Tanzania Limited (Mantra) 2024


Mantra Tanzania Limited (Mantra) Tanzania Jobs 2024
Expression Of Interest at Mantra June 2024
New Opportunities at Mantra Tanzania Ltd (Mantra) June 2024 - EoI
Extension Of Deadline For Submission Of Expression Of Interest.
This is to inform the general public and interested applicants that the extended deadline of 1600hrs on June 7th 2024 for submission of the tenders listed below which was published on May 31 2024 in the local Guardian Newspaper has been further extended. The new final deadline is Friday, June 21, 2024 at 1600hrs. The initial advertisement dates are provided in the tenders below.
  1. PACKAGE NO. 037LM039, 037LM040, 037LM041, 0371_ M042, 037LM043,

037LM044, 0371_ M045,           037LM046,  037LM047,                                                 037LM048,  037LM049,

037LM050, 037LM051, 037LM052, 037LM053, 037LM054, 037LI009, 037LI010, 037LS001, 037LS002, 037LS003A, 037LS003B, 037LS004, 037LS005, 037LX001, 037LX002, 037LX003, 037LX004 advertised on 22nd April 2024.

  1. PACKAGE NO. 037LM001, 037LM002,  037LM003,     0371_ M004,                             037LM005,

037LM006, 037L M007,             037LM008,  037LM009,                                                 037LM010,  037LM011,

037LM012, 037LM013, 037LM014, 037LM018, 037LM019, 037LM021, 037LM022, 037LM023, 037LM0560, 37LE002, 037LE003, 037LE004, 037LE005, 037LE006, 037LE009, 037LE010, 037LE011, 037LI001, 037L1002, 0371J003, 0371_1005, 0371—1007, 0371-1008, 0371-1011, 037LX003, 037LX004 advertised on 6th May 2024.
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  1. PACKAGE NO. 037LM015, 037LM016,  037LM017,     0371_ M024,                             037LM025,

037LM028, 0371_ M029,           037LM032,  037LM033,                                                 037LM036,  037LM037,

037LM038, advertised on 9th May 2024.

  • Interested applicants are encouraged to use the extended period to complete documentation fortimely submission.
  • For those who has already submitted they can use this opportunity to review and resubmit their interest with all supporting documents/information.
  • NOTE: Other terms and conditions of the tender/invitation remain unchanged.
Managing Director
Mantra Tanzania Limited
P. O. Box 23451, Dar es Salaam
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