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Expression of Interest at Mantra Tanzania Limited (Mantra) April 2024

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Mantra Tanzania Limited (Mantra)
Jobs in Tanzania 2024: New Job Vacancies at Mantra Tanzania Limited (Mantra) 2024


Mantra Tanzania Limited (Mantra) Tanzania Jobs 2024
Pre-Qualification Of Building Contractors For The Construction Of An Opd at Mantra April, 2024
Pre-Qualification Of Building Contractors For The Construction Of An Opd For Likuyusekamaganga Health Centre In Likuyu Ward, Namtumbo District, Ruvuma Region.
Mantra Tanzania Limited (Mantra), operating as a subsidiary of Uranium One, is focused on the potential development of a Uranium Mine at its Mkuju River Project (MRP) in the Namtumbo District of Ruvuma Region.

As part of its CSR programme, Mantra Tanzania Ltd invites Building Contractors to express their Interest (EOI) for the construction of an OPD for Likuyusekamaganga health centre in Likuyu ward, Namtumbo District, Ruvuma Region as per BOQ to be provided to short-listed contractors.

Interested Companies are requested, as a minimum, to submit the following;
  • Detailed Company Information with Organization structure, List of workers with CVs of key personnel.
  • Details of completion of similar type of contracts in the last three years and similar contracts/agreements currently under execution under headings: Brief scope of work
  • Value of work in USD
  • Contractual Duration
  • Clients name
  • Contact details of the Client (Mantra may approach the client directly for the feedback). Details of Resources available in terms of number of manpower, equipment etc. for providing similar services
  • Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) policies, procedures and statistics covering the last A years.
  • Copies of Valid Quality Certifications / Accreditations, ISO certifications, If any
  • Company’s financial performance documents (Audited Balance sheets, Profit and Loss Account & cash flow statement, Auditors Report and Notes to Accounts etc.) for last 3 (three) years. Latest financial statement should not be older than 18 months on the date of submission of response to Expression of interest.
  • Current Tax Clearance certificate from relevant authority.
  • Workers Compensation Fund Certificate.
  • Corporate ownership including main shareholders by percentage.
  • Approved Local Content Plan by the Mining Commission.
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The interested bidders should submit a soft copy of their Expression of Interest (EOI) via e-mail addresses; and and the hard copy to the below address latest on 17th April 2024 at 16.00 hours.
Managing Director
Mantra Tanzania Ltd
Plot No. 1520, Masaki Ikon, Bains Avenue-Masaki
P.O. Box 23451, Tel +255764700440
Dares Salaam.

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