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Grievance Officer at CCL Global Tanzania

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Jobs in Tanzania 2023: New Job Vacancies at CCL Global 2023


CCL Global Tanzania Jobs 2023
Grievance Officer
Grievance Officer at CCL Global Tanzania September, 2023
Project Services
Lindi, Tanzania
The position is in Nangurugai, Ruangwa - Lindi
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The Grievance Administration Officer will be responsible for the following:
• Acts as central repositories for all complaints received direct through mobile number [toll free number when implemented] or received by Project staff and contactor’s, enters complaints into the database according to information contained in the grievance forms.
• Undertakes investigations or identifies the most appropriate person to undertake investigations to establish the validity of the grievance, and determines the nature, extent and causes of the alleged harm and any other information relevant to each grievance. Identifies or facilitates the process of identifying appropriate remedial measures.
• When necessary, convenes the Grievance Management Committee and presents proposed remedial measures to its members for approval.
• Acts as the Secretariat for the Grievance Management Committee and coordinates meetings, provides agenda and reports.
• Ensures all agreed remedial validated actions at the appropriate management level and responses are provided within the agreed timeframe.
• Communicates proposed remedial measures to the complainant in writing or by the most appropriate means with the objective of reaching mutual agreement.
• Ensures complainant's agreement to the remedial measures and their implementation is documented according to the grievance management procedure.
• Ensure all relevant documents are archived appropriately and recorded in the database for safekeeping for 10 years or longer depending on applicable laws.
• Maintains a grievance tracking database, in compliance with local regulations and company requirement pertaining to the protection of personal data.
• Produces monthly grievance management reports on daily and weekly dashboard as part of the overall RAP reporting.
• Monitors trends in grievances as the procedure is implemented and trends in the perception of grievance management among affected communities and people.
• Analyzes the origin of grievances at regular intervals, to assist Chilalo Graphite Project team in defining the criteria for improving the operating procedures that generated these complaints.
• As a field-based team becomes established, oversees the activities of field-based grievance officers and reporting.
• Builds capacity and understanding through training and coaching within the Kudu Graphite teams and Contractors when pertinent, of the relevant standards and good practices required for grievance management.
• Revises the grievance procedure for the construction phase integrating lessons learned during its deployment during the RAP Implementation and preconstruction phase and adapting to the mining operational context. Modifies the grievance form accordingly.
• Develops or revises the grievance leaflet and other grievance related communication materials to facilitate community and other stakeholder understanding of grievance management.
• Maintain up to date register, produce daily, weekly, monthly, and annual reports of grievance management as required by the Resettlement Manager.
• Attend various training with the teams and contractors in the field as required by the project and any other tasks that may be assigned to you by the management.
• Mans the grievance office a minimum of three days a week whilst on duty
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Context and environment

The Chilalo Graphite Project is located Nangurugai Village, Mbwemkuru Ward, in Ruangwa District, Lindi Region. All Chilalo Graphite Project field activities will be undertaken in compliance with national legislation, IFC Performance Standards, and other applicable legislation and standards. Grievance Administration Officers will be based in the field [Ruangwa District] and will engage, coordinate and ensure all grievance related issues with PAPs and community stakeholders of the Chilalo Graphite Project in Nangurugai Village are registered and resolved in accordance with the Chilalo Graphite Project Grievance Management Procedure as stipulated in the RAP and SEP as required or instructed by Resettlement Manager.

• Engage with local stakeholders [PAPs, Communities] and register, investigate and resolve all grievances as indicated by SEP,
• Oversees follow up and management of grievances and works closely with land and social and Kudu Graphite teams to ensure grievance management is compliant with the Project grievance management procedure.
• Ensuring grievance monitoring and management informs operational practice to avoid negative impacts whenever possible and reduce risks for the Project.
• Acts in accordance to company code of conduct when dealing with community, government and colleagues alike.
• Promotes the company Anti bribery and corruption policy
• Promoting positive and open relationship between Chilalo Graphite Project and PAPs and local communities
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Qualifications/Experience required
• Post graduate degree in the social sciences or a related discipline. A minimum of 8-15 years of relevant professional experience, in community relations and social development including considerable experience in developing economies.
• Minimum 10 years’ experience working with rural communities in community projects, development projects and or in other similar activities (NGOs), preferably within the designated area of responsibility.
• Experience in designing, managing, and monitoring complex social impact assessments within the mining industry.
• Excellent communication skills with a proven ability to develop and maintain good relations with a wide range of stakeholders including authorities, local communities, industry, CSOs/NGOs.
• Ability to work independently and meet deadlines. Negotiation, conflict management and resolution skills are required.
• Ability to collect data, record and produce reports and minutes of meetings with proper documentation [Expert knowledge in database administration and management]
• Fluency in English (written and spoken) and Kiswahili essential and in another local language in the village is preferred.
• Proficiency in the usage of computers is important.
• General team spirit: Creative, good conduct, good communication skills and ability to listen and lead a team

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