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Eco-Credit (MKUBA) Officer – Pemba at Mwambao Coastal Community Network

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Mwambao Coastal Community Network
Jobs in Tanzania 2023: New Job Vacancies at Mwambao Coastal Community Network, 2023
Mwambao Coastal Community Network Tanzania Jobs, 2023
Eco-Credit (MKUBA) Officer – Pemba
Eco-Credit (MKUBA) Officer – Pemba at Mwambao Coastal Community Network May, 2023
Job title: MKUBA Officer
Supervisor: MKUBA Manager
Duty Station: Pemba, Tanzania
Start Date: As soon as possible

Mwambao Coastal Community Network was established in 2010 to help communities in Tanzania’s
coastal areas develop strong and effective local resource management systems that support livelihoods and sustain marine ecosystems. Mwambao empowers local communities and enables them to learn from each other through a community-based network spanning different coastal areas and communities.This network structure fosters learning as well as collective action on shared interests such as influencing policy.

Mwambao has emerged as a leading actor in facilitating community-based marine management in Zanzibar as well as north-eastern Tanzania working with a number of key international partners. Mwambao has been working with Fauna & Flora International since 2014 to support the effective management of thePemba Channel Conservation Area (PECCA). Mwambao takes a rights-based approach to implementing measures that improve reef ecosystem health, improve the sustainability of key fisheries, improve local wellbeing through the inclusion of fishers into their fishing ground management, and provide opportunities to engage in other livelihood activities.

Mwambao and their partner FFI, are implementing a multi-million Euro, a 4.5-year project funded by the Blue Action Fund (BlueAction). Mwambao is seeking an experienced MKUBA Officer who will be responsible for the dissemination of technical know-how of Fund to Care for the Sea (MKUBA) Methodology to Community-Based Trainers (CBTs), Beach Management Unit (BMU) and savings and credit group members, applicable in the scaling up of Fund to care for the sea (MKUBA) services to fishers and poor marine coastal community.

Overview of the role
The Blue Action Fund project that this role relates to builds upon work to date in Pemba, expanding the target area and the number of communities engaged. The work will cover both communities involved in existing work on mainland Tanzania’s Pemba region coast. The project’s goal is to conserve networks of globally significant marine protected areas and sustainable use zones in the Pemba areas of coastal Tanzania so as to enhance ecosystem services that contribute to reducing climate change risks for people and biodiversity.

The role will involve working closely with key project partners and other contractors to ensure delivery of the Fund to Care for The Sea (MKUBA) to the community savings and credit groups on time, He/she will plan, prepare and carry out, MKUBA Technical training, for all levels of MKUBA implementing stakeholders and link them with CHOMOKA digital App for records keeping. He/ will also monitor the consistency and appropriate implementation of the methodology by MKUBA, Community Based Trainers, partners, and Beach Management Unit (BMU). He/She must ensure the budget is in full compliance with Mwambao, FFI, and BAF financial guidelines, within the terms of the Blue Action Grant Agreement, and in accordance with the relevant policies and procedures.
Key Relationships
Reporting to: MKUBA Manager
Key relationships within Mwambao-MCCC: Chief Technical Advisor, ESMS Officer BAF, Head of Monitoring Evaluation and Learning (MEL), Village Leaders, BMU, and Community
Key relationships with Fauna & Flora International- Grant Manager, Fauna & Flora International,

Roles and Responsibilities
The key roles and responsibilities are as outlined below:
Adapting the MKUBA Methodology
  • Assist MKUBA Manager on a plan for MKUBA Intervention in new areas and ensure the preparation of theory of change for MKUBA, conduct stakeholders mapping, formulation of resource protection plan, and impact assessment is done before establishment of MKUBA group
  • Works to learn and understand the MKUBA methodology, a version chosen by the program for implementation
  • Liaise with MKUBA Manager on the need of adjusting the methodology to fit the particular context.
  • Supervising the Community Based Trainers and Beach Management Unit (BMU) in performing their duties.
  • Support MKUBA Manager and ensure the proper functioning of key elements of the programme namely:
  • Eco-compliance Design a workable system that will enable MKUBA groups, SFC/BMUand the management committee to work closely and coordinate loan management and tracking with Eco-compliance including patrol
  • Promote and mobilize MKUBA members to digitize records keeping, link and training MKUBA members with CHOMOKA App.
  • Loan management and repayment and tracking of these group and committee management
Enterprise and development- tracking success of different enterprises
  • Provide all necessary training and training materials for efficient running of the programme
  • Facilitate various learning and study to be conducted in the operational area and document the results of the studies.

Facilitating training and understanding of MKUBA Community-Based Trainers (CBTs)
  • Conduct periodic MKUBA training for MKUBA Community Based Trainers (CBTs), and BMU and make sure their understanding of MKUBA and CHOMOKA application is appropriate.
  • Supporting Community-Based Trainers in training groups on MKUBA methodology and digital group records keeping through CHOMOKA App
  • Support MKUBA Manager to plan for Women, Men, and youths in marine coastal adjacent communities to be engaged in environmentally conserving income-generating activities
  • Provide direction for Community-Based Trainers (CBTs) and ensure groups use Chomoka App for all records keeping, comprised of Training, Local Business Development, Marketplace, and Customer Support Functions
  • Support MKUBA Manager to plan for Business skills of men, women, and youth to improve (Selection, Planning, and Management) small on-firm and off-firm income-generating activities developed
  • Conduct surprise, casual and informal checks to identify the gaps in implementing MKUBA methodology and the use of the CHOMOKA App, by Community Based Trainers (CBTs)
  • Plan for implementing training to fill in identified gaps in MKUBA implementation and CHOMOKA App by MKUBA Community-Based Trainers
Quality Assurance of MKUBA methodology and CHOMOKA App implemented by the program
  • Controlling MKUBA Community-Based Trainers from deviating from the MKUBA methodology and CHOMOKA App, in the course implementing their activities in Pemba
  • Liaising with MKUBA Community-Based Trainers on the necessary requirement for adjusting the methodology and CHOMOKA App and report them to the MKUBA Manager for consideration
  • Recommend best practices to the MKUBA Manager to be incorporated in the development of the MKUBA and CHOMOKA App in future
Learning, Monitoring, and Reporting
  • Accruing learning from field implementation of MKUBA, eco-compliance, and CHOMOKA App and send to MKUBA Manager
  • Monitoring the performance of MKUBA Methodology, eco-compliance, and CHOMOKA App on the ground and feedback to MKUBA Manager
  • Ensure the collection of monthly data by MKUBA Community Based Trainers from the field and its punching in the CHOMOKA App and Management Information System (MIS)
  • Prepare all MKUBA implementation reports according to program agreed formats and submit to MKUBA Manager on timely basis
  • Bring to the attention of the Communications Officer (Mwambao) and Chief Technical Advisor, newsworthy items arising within the project and, as agreed, work with the Communications Officer to develop materials as required (e.g., web pages, articles, reports) to support Mwambao’s work
  • As required, represent Mwambao at appropriate external meetings and fora, including consultations, meetings and briefings.
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Person specification
  • Skills Training skills (including designing, tools development, and facilitation)
  • Excellent interpersonal and capacity-building skills (Required)
  • Excellent written and spoken English (Required)
  • Able to communicate effectively about credit and savings to a donor or non technical audience
  • A good understanding of budget tracking and how it corresponds to project or programme delivery.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills, including report writing
  • Microsoft Office skills, including PowerPoint and Excel
  • Excellent time management and organizational skills

Knowledge & experience
  • Familiarity with principles and practice of eco-credit-led microfinance
  • Strong awareness of the challenges faced by traditional savings methodologies
  • Experienced community trainer
  • Strong data analysis background
  • Planning, budgeting, and monitoring skills
Behavioral qualities
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, specifically the ability to communicate effectively with the community
  • Rigorous and diligent approach to work
Work and travel:
  • Entitlement to live and work in Tanzania (without employee sponsorship)
  • At least 5 years experience of project managing conservation and/or livelihood development projects in Tanzania or the Zanzibar islands
  • Understanding of MKUBA methodology and digital group records keeping
  • Understanding of small-scale fisheries and/ or marine conservation approaches
  • A degree in a related field or related qualifications
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To apply for this post please submit a CV and Cover Letter (max 2 pages) and complete this formby 11th June 2023. The covering letter should include why you are interested in this position with MWAMBAO and emphasize how your skills and experience match those required for the job. Only candidates who meet the requirements for this position will be contacted for an interview.
Application Closing date: 11th June, 2023.

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