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Assistant Camp Manager New Job Opportunity at Asilia Camps and Lodge

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 Jobs in Tanzania 2019: New Job Opportunities at Asilia Camps and Lodge, 2019
Position: Assistant Camp Manager
Job Summary
Asilia lodges and Camps is seeking to recruit a well-qualified Tanzanian to fill the position of Assistant Camp Manager based in selous.
Minimum Qualification: Bachelor
Experience Level: Mid level
Experience Length: 1 year
Job Description

Asilia lodges and Camps is seeking to recruit a well-qualified Tanzanian to fill the position of Assistant Camp Manger based in selous.
At Asilia we aim to be an Organization that offers Better Experiences and a Strong Positive Impact

We give people joy and appreciation in iconic wildlife & wilderness areas in a way that makes a positive lasting impact on the environment and its people. Behind the scenes, we diligently build our operational, sustainable and marketing/sales capabilities and access to capital to enable scaling up the experience and impact.
As an Assistant Camp Manager your role is vital in perpetuating our company aims, goals and objectives. WE BELIEVE IN BETTER.

To assist the camp manager in ensuring that the camp systems, facilities, activities and staff work together in a smooth, safe and harmonious manner so as to ensure that guests have a memorable stay.
This purpose is coupled with the concept that the camp is a business unit that needs to run profitably with effective cost-stock controls, management of assets and environmental care.

1. Asilia Family Values
· Asilia is genuine and honest
· We show this not only in the way of offering our guests a personal Africa experience, but also in the way we deal with each other, with our customers and our suppliers, with our neighbours and with our environment
· We perform everything we do to the highest quality and with the fullest dedication.
· This applies not only to our standards of service to our guests and agents, but also to everything else, including: our standards of internal and external communication and follow-up, our maintenance of assets and equipment and our standards of procedures and recordkeeping.
· We are very committed to every task or job that we set out to do and we ‘go the extra mile’ in order to satisfy a customer or to assist a colleague.
· Our existence is dependent on the prosperity of everyone and everything around us
· We care about our guests, about each other as a family and about our neighbours and community.
· We care about our environment.
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2. Health, Safety and Environment
As an Assistant Camp Manager you are responsible to assist the Camp Manager in ensuring that wild animals, operational hazards and criminals do not harm the guests and staff.

Ensure that the following are managed:
· The camp is kept secure at all times and askaris abide by the camp guard system
· Fire drills and evacuation plans are practised and clearly displayed in all tents
· The risk management plan is defined monthly and managed throughout the year
· Corrective Action Reports are promptly completed and the actions are scheduled
· Accurate weekly and monthly incident management (for monitoring and continuous improvement purposes)
· Carry out initial first aid or medical treatment for all staff on site
· Correct and timeous procedures in the event of a guest medical incident
· Promptly address maintenance issues that are safety hazards
· The first aid centre is fully stocked for mild injuries and emergency
· The Asilia Emergency Response Plan is displayed and understood by all key staff
· Comply with group Health and Safety Policy
· Effective Kitchen Hygiene

3. Staff Management
We work closely as a team. We value everyone’s contribution and dedication. Each individual within our Asilia family has specific talents and skills to contribute to a memorable guest experience and to the overall success of our combined endeavors. Our success formula – Great Team Work & Great Communication

As the Assistant Camp Manager you should be assisting the Camp Manager so that the following can be achieved:
· Be an effective team player
· Set objectives for the team
· Manage performance of team
· Communicate effectively with the team
· Assist staff with their work when the pressure is on
· Job responsibilities are carried out by assigned staff
· Monitor work hours of all departments
· All department leave is scheduled and off days are taken accordingly
· All staff follow the company rules and regulations
· Staff evaluations are carried out twice yearly
· All staff follow the camp routines as set out by management
· Create an enjoyable and happy working environment (it’s NOT me and them - It’s US)
· Talent loss should be minimized, Talent retention and development is a company priority
· Identify and nurture talent, and alert at company level if more can be achieved with a staff member outside the camp in question

4. Staff Motivation and Development
Motivated and trained staff are vital to the efficient running of our company, as an Assistant Camp Manager this should be achieved by the following:
· All staff are cared for in an empathetic way
· Constantly coach and develop team members
· Monitor all staff in the camp and ensure that they have continuous training as and when required e.g. Lobster Ink, assessments passed per month / year
· Work closely with The Training Department to ensure effective training, planning and reporting
· Ensure the training is taken up from where trainers leave off and is maintained

5. Interpersonal Relationships
As the Assistant Camp Manager your attitude towards thestaff and your superiors has a profound effect on the general ‘smooth running’ of the camp and can be easily detected by guests

This should be managed as follows:
· Members of staff are dealt with in a manner which maintains goodwill and respect
· Avoid conflict and offensive behaviour/language during staff dealings
· Instructions from your Camp Manager and Field Ops are treated constructively and acted upon
· Instructions given to subordinates – are clear, firm and fair
· Use of ‘Positive body language’ in non-verbal communication
· Personal/physical relations with juniors should be avoided
· Listen carefully to staff needs and be empathetic
· Maintain a happy positive outgoing disposition; (not grumpy or snappy)

6. Service delivery
“Offer each guest a superb, memorable and personal Africa experience”
This is achieved by the following;
· We always get the basics right - Safety, functional aspects of our services
· Africa is special – we are passionate and share it with our guests
· Our hosting style is personal, friendly and engaging; we all participate
· We are attentive to each guest’s individual needs and preferences
· Our general style: refined yet genuine and informal
· We care; we engage in projects making a positive impact and we get our guests interested
· We never ‘lose’ a guest when there is an issue or a problem
· In everything we do, we aim for our guests to return and refer us to their best friends

As an Assistant Camp Manager you
· Should always be courteous, friendly – timeous- efficient – hygienic and professional
· Should be available for guests at all times
· Ensuring all aspects defined in the service offering are delivered
· Are responsible for the guest’s ’Continuous journey of service’-you should support the Camp Manager to ALWAYS inform the next Asilia camp about the guest preferences and particulars, so that the camp can add to the personalized experience. You should also ask for help in rectifying problems that arise in camp.

7. Guest Empathy
We take great pride in immersing our guests in the magic and soul of Africa.
We stand by our philosophy to ensure that each and every guest reserves a special place for Africa in their hearts and leaves with a deep desire to return

Our general work approach to achieve this:
· Absolute focus on our guests: ‘Guest is King’
· Dedication, flexibility and focus on positive outcomes: ‘Can-do’ mentality’
· We are always genuine, friendly and passionate
· We always talk - the “Intelligent Optimist”
· We are effective in dealing with our guests
· We are tactful and courteous with guests
· We ‘go the extra mile’ in terms of guest experience and product delivery
· We ensure that guests are hosted in the camp and during meals
· We anticipate our guest’s needs by looking beyond service and focussing on hospitality
· We are about experiences – you are expected to drive unique experiences that guests will never get in their home country by engaging with the bush as much as possible

8. Image as an Assistant Camp Manager
As the deputy leader of the team - your staff will behave as you do – discipline and good people dealings are vital so as to lead by example, this is achieved by the following:
· Portray a positive attitude towards your staff, colleagues and guests
· Maintain high levels of ‘self-discipline’
· Accept authority and guidelines set out by your Camp Manager and in his/her absence the Ops Manager
· Abide by the dress code as set out by your Operations Manager- always look neat, presentable and professional and dress in accordance with the occasion
· No logos apart from Asilia and or Asilia camps should be displayed on your clothing or hat
· Your alcohol consumption should always be nominal
· If you do partake in alcohol this should not be before 17h00 (with or without guests)
· When socialising with guests, limit your alcohol intake to 2 units
· Ensure you are always presentable and practice good personal/work related hygiene measures
· Ensure that the whole camp follows the highest standards of service, dress, hygiene and interaction with guests
· Arrive on duty, thirty minutes before first wake up to open the camp and ensure the early morning staff arrive for duty and are being supervised (this can be delegated on a roster with your manager colleagues)
· Manage by walking around (MBWA) - The entire camp is your office – (don’t ‘lurk’ in the admin office!)
· Ensure that you are a management team player and that all your energy is directed at managing professionally and to achieve the objectives set out by the company
· Being enthusiastic and knowledgeable on local wildlife and environmental issues
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9. Communication
Our success formula – great team work & great communication
This is achieved by:
· Consistent, clear and concise communication
· Timeous communication – communicating at the earliest possible moment
· Ensuring the early morning manager prepares and prints the day sheets
· Assist with chairing the morning meeting with the HOD’s to convey all information required for the day (on the day sheet) such as menus, guests in camp, special requirements, arrivals and departures, vehicle movements, allocation of guides, staff issues and allocation of all duties
· Information boards in guest areas regularly updated and displayed
· Awareness and communication of all company policies, procedures and systems
· Guides daily record book is completed to include sightings
· Guest feedback forms are effectively utilised
· Guests receive and sign all indemnity information
· Keep the camp Social Media Page up to date to Improve Trip advisor ranking
· Cooperate with the commercial department to maximize impact of the social media channels available to you
· ALL exceptional wildlife incidents in camp needs to be communicated to Head Office

10. Positive Impact
Above all our goal is to be a role model in sustainable tourism. We create lasting positive impacts on the natural habitats as well as the economies and livelihoods of the people in the areas in which we operate. We commit to developing innovative models in this domain.

As an Assistant Camp Manager you need to understand your role in PI and respond accordingly by:
· Getting involved with local communities, authorities and other companies to achieve the best possible long-term outcomes for your area
· Being a leader in the ‘Asilia Family'; By promoting training & development opportunities and general staff care
· Creating Guest awareness of our conservation and community initiatives. To get guests involved by explaining how their visit to the area benefits the area and its people
· To present on specific local projects and local conservation initiatives and how your guests can provide extra contributions
· To set an example as an Assistant Camp Manager - your conservation and staff management standards
· Fostering good relationships with industry organisations, your neighbouring operators, researchers and conservationists
· Being supportive of and fostering good relationships with TANAPA, Local Community Heads & Local Government
· Maintaining the recycling of the waste in the camp. Ensuring you have 5 different bins in the kitchen for Plastic, Paper, Metal, Food, Glass and these are used accordingly
· Ensure that the bags are removed when full and sent to the Waste Holding Area - bins are then disinfected before using again
· Comply with Group sustainability policy; continuously improve energy (electricity and fuel) and water consumption. Continuous reduction of food waste.

11. Maintenance and Appearance of Premises
The appearance and proper functioning of the camp is vital for the enjoyment of the guests, referral business and Internet ratings.
Assist the Camp Manager in ensuring the following:
· Continually assess the standard and opportunities to improve the aesthetic appeal of all the guest amenities
· Thereafter to provide feedback and recommendation as to how these can be improved
· Maintaining snag lists and liaise with Field Op’s to ensure all work is done in a timely manner
· Check all maintenance reports and work carried out on vehicles, generators, solar and premises
· Assess and schedule daily maintenance
· Assess and schedule annual maintenance programs and CAPEX budgets with your Operations manager
· Preventative maintenance schedules are rigorously adhered to
· The ‘Back of House’ is kept clean, safe and orderly in line with company standards
· As the Assistant Camp Manager of the camp and where occupancies permit, you should sleep in each guest room per working cycle so as to assess housekeeping standards and tent condition
· Work closely with the Style & Standards Manager to ensure that standards are being met

12. Asset Management
It is of prime importance and the direct responsibility of the Camp Manager that company assets are monitored, maintained, protected and reported on. As an Assistant Camp Manager you will support the Camp Manager in the following functions:
· Asset registers are kept current
· Ensure the correct usage of company equipment
· Energy system is maintained
· Vehicles are checked daily and scheduled for routine maintenance
· Bulk truck supply off-loading is monitored and checked by management
· Bulk trucks are checked prior to departure from camps to reduce ‘shrinkage’
· All assets are accounted for and maintained
· Spot check all housekeeping, stores, kitchen, mess, vehicles and staff village
· Each ‘dinner duty manager’ waits until the FOH is locked for the night and takes the bar keys for the morning
· The manager then ‘shuts the camp down’ and ensures that all camp fires are extinguished
· Work closely with the Asset Manager to ensure that standards are being met

13. Adherence of all Systems, Regulations & Checklists
As an Assistant Camp Manager it is your responsibility to operate within the specific Company Policies, Rules, Regulations and Operating Procedures. It is also your responsibility to ensure that all your camp policy and operational documents are current and available to staff where applicable.

14. The Safari Experience
The Safari Experience is one of the main reasons why guests visit the camp, it is vital that you assist the Camp Manager to manage this department and that you’re aware of what’s happening ‘out there’ with the guides and that you support the Camp Manager in the following functions:
· Manage the guides and their activities by working closely with the camp Head guide and ensuring the standards as set out by the Asilia Head Guide are adhered to
· Ensure the guides offer the best possible, yet ethical experience on the vehicle
· Ensure the guides work as a team with management
· Manage guide allocations wisely and sensitively
· Manage guide off day roster
· Ensure that walking / back up guides are performing tasks as per set standards
· Ensure the trainee guides are performing the tasks set out by the Asilia Head Guide
· Hold weekly and monthly guide meetings
· Conduct random vehicle, cool box, snacks and vehicle amenity spot checks
· Manage the guide admin for H.O. on a monthly and where requested weekly basis
· Ensure that you have gone on at least one guest safari with every guide in a season
· Join and assess at least one safari activity per week

15. Housekeeping
Guest tents are prone to neglect due to the environment and the distance from the main area, as an Assistant Camp Manager you need to ensure that tents are correctly cleaned and serviced:
· Visit every tent in your camp daily
· Actively inspect tents with the housekeeping checklists
· All tents whether newly or currently occupied must be neat and tidy and functioning according to the housekeeping checklist
· Housekeepers need to check and straighten all tents every day in even if occupied
· Arrival and departure cards need to be inspected for correctness
· Conduct Final room checks prior to new guest arrival
· Ensure that guest tent maintenance issues are kept current by use of an updated snag list

16. Food Production and Delivery
Regardless of your own food preparation skill levels, you as the Assistant Camp Manager need to support the Camp Manager in working closely with the head chef to accurately plan menus according to guest dietary requirements and available stock levels.

You need to support the Camp Manager to:
· Control the F&B admin to ensure that consumption is in line with budgets
· Constantly check guest dietary requirements vs. food delivery
· Manage the kitchen function, ordering and menus in the absence of the head chef
· Ensure that unauthorised staff and people stay out of the kitchen for ‘shrinkage’ and hygiene purposes
· Ensure that the kitchen is clean and ‘wiped down’ after each meal preparation
· Provide feedback, direction and training to the kitchen/dining staff on how to consistently meet the company expectations with regard to food and beverage
· Work closely with the Group F&B Training Manager to ensure that current F&B standards are being met

17. Daily Admin Duties – Supporting the Camp Manager
Ensure that daily admin checks and checklists are conducted
· Daily bed night reports
· Daily muster rolls
· Breakages
· Daily shift sheets – clocking in and out
· Bar daily stock
· Daily guest incident reports and unusual events
· Res request

18. Weekly Admin - Checks – Reports – Supporting the Camp Manager
Ensure weekly reports are carried out and emailed to Head Office as follows:
· Weekly supply orders
· Incident reports
· Rainfall and weather report
· Wildlife report
· Weekly checklists

19. Monthly Admin - Stock takes – Reports – Supporting the Camp Manager
Ensure monthly reports are carried out and emailed to Head Office as follows:
· Executive reports / dashboard
· Monthly check lists
· Twice monthly stock takes and asset checks
· Twice monthly TANAPA / NCAA reports
· Twice monthly bed night reports
· Twice monthly food Consumption reports
· Twice monthly beverage consumption reports
· Twice monthly housekeeping reports
· Twice monthly fuel consumption reports
· Twice monthly guest feedback reports
· Shop reports as per the country procedure
· Twice monthly petty cash reports
· Medical box stock take

How to Apply
Please send only your cv and cover letter in one document not later than 17th September, 2019
Should you be interested in this position please send your updated CV then send to: and

Thanks for reading Assistant Camp Manager New Job Opportunity at Asilia Camps and Lodge

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