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10 Smart Business Ideas for Youth in Tanzania

  AjiraLeo Tanzania       Monday, September 30, 2019
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10 business ideas that address problems in Tanzanian society.
10 Smart Business Ideas for Youth in Tanzania Today we find several young & dynamic individuals who aspire to start small business and what they are always looking for business ideas with low investment.In order to help them I have compiled 10 business ideas which can be executed with low investment.

1. Recruitment Firm
Starting a recruitment firm is really a good business idea.Recruitment firm does not require huge investment.You just need a small office space and few contact to start with.

Why Recruitment Firm is a successful business idea?
Unemployment ratio is increasing and recruitment firm is in huge demand.Every student and professional require a good job and every company require good and productive candidate.To get a good job and good candidate they are ready to pay commission base services from recruitment firm.

2. Wedding Planning & Catering
If you are creative in nature and able to manage multiple tasks at the same time you can plan to enter in wedding planning and catering business.This quite a challenging business as it require skill and management ability.

Why Wedding Planning and Catering is a successful business idea?
Marriage is one in a lifetime opportunity and people are ready to spend a lot of money to make this event successful and memorable.With your skills and ability you can touch the sky in this business.

3. Tutoring/Coaching Class
If you possess good skills in teaching, providing education this is a good business for you.You need a small space and skills to start this business.

Why is Tutoring/Coaching class a successful business?
Top level education has been high these days and every parent want his/her child to stand first.They prefer to place a child into a good coaching class and thus why we see successful coaching class today.

4. Consulting and Contracting
Consulting and Contracting is a good and successful business idea.This business require
skills and domain knowledge.This business require very less capital to start.

Why Consulting and Contracting is a successful business idea?
There is a growing need for consultants and contractors in all fields including engineering,sales & marketing and a lot more.Big companies are even ready to pay very lucrative payment to good consultants and contractors.

5. Fast food Parlor
If you are passionate about food and ready to serve healthy and yummy food you can start this business.
Why Fast Food Parlor is a successful business?
Due to busy lifestyle most people don’t find time to cook at home and we even see most people prefer restaurants and this make it a credible business idea.

6. Insurance Consultancy or Agency
Today many people seek advice for insurance.If you are planning to start part-time business,then Insurance consultant or adviser is the best idea to start with.
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7. IT support services
Today IT is a booming field and if you are an expert in IT you can start you own business of providing IT support and services.

8. Photography
If you love taking photographs,you can turn your hobby into a business.You only need to have a very good camera to start this business.You can earn money by providing professional photography services. 

9. Starting Online Blog
If you are good at content generation and have good knowledge about any field you can start an online blog and start earning money from advertising revenue from popular advertising programs. One of the best ad programs is Google Adsense.

10. Tour/Travel and Agency
Tour or Travel planning is another great business idea.This business require good geographical knowledge and a lot of contacts.In order to get sure success you can even tie up with hotels and transport companies and you can get royalties for recommending your clients to them.

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