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New Job Opportunities Shinyanga and Arusha at SNV Tanzania

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Jobs in Tanzania 2019: New Job Opportunity at SNV Tanzania, 2019
Title: Design and Construction of safe & affordable Treatment, Disposal and reuse of Faecal Sludge
Job Summary
Aim: To develop the designs and oversee the construction of appropriate and sustainable faecal sludge treatment/re-use options in both Shinyanga and Arusha.
  • Minimum Qualification: Masters
  • Experience Level: Management level
  • Experience Length: 5 years

Job Description
Name of assignment - Feasibility Study, design and Construction of safe &  affordable Treatment, Disposal and reuse of Faecal Sludge option (s) in Arusha and Shinyanga
Terms of reference title - Feasibility Study, design and Construction of safe &  affordable Treatment, Disposal and reuse of Faecal Sludge option (s) in Arusha and Shinyanga 
Sector and Program - WASH
Project - WASH SDG Programme
Geographical focus - Shinyanga & Arusha (urban districts)
Proposed start date - 10th September, 2019
Proposed end date - 30th September, 2020
Open to: Registered Firms/Organisations

This will require several phases of activities:
1) Feasibility study of the selected faecal sludge treatment options
2) Detailed design and operation mechanism for the selected options
3) Oversight and coordination of the construction of the treatment options

Specific Tasks:
1. To review available documentation and data collected by the WASH SDG programme and partners so as to better understand the FSM status of the two cities. 
2. To review the preliminary designs and recommendations from the international firm (and  input into this process – depending on start of assignment) 
3. To conduct feasibility studies for the selected options in both cities, that includes field  assessments of appropriate sites selected, calculating quantity of sludge and septage currently reaching treatment plants, assessing current reuse potential and operation management considerations (requiring ongoing discussions with the informed choice task forces and other relevant stakeholders) 
4. To develop detailed designs and costings (Bills of Quantity) of the final proposed and viable  faecal sludge and septage treatment systems. 
5. To prepare financial and economic analysis of the proposed option & propose working plan  for implementation. 
6. To support implementation of the proposed technology, including training on operation and  maintenance and construction supervision.

Deliverable 1: Successful completion of the Inception Report that comprises a) - Summary  preliminary assessment on the viability of potential treatment/disposal & reuse options & final 
recommended option(s); b) Summary of key Highlights related to FSM from existing SDG data, city  plans and maps on urban sanitation - brief assessment of LGA & UTILITY capacity to manage FS and training needs based on selected options c) Assessment of preliminary design of the selected potential options (scenarios) and provide recommendations including d) Finalised and refined  methodology & operational plan of the assignment. 

Deliverable 2: Successful completion of the feasibility study to identified viable option(s) for faecal  sludge and septage treatment/disposal and reused for the two cities.  

Deliverable 3: Successful completion of the Detailed Engineering design, BOQ, cost estimates for the  viable faecal sludge treatment/disposal & reuse option for each city including other services such as accessibility, water, power and fencing. This will include provision of detailed drawings and Process diagram(s) with flows and description of influent and outflow (including key min/max values for input and expected % reduction in chemical and biological parameters of the out puts). This will also include but not limited to: detailed design criteria & their assessments; assessment of operation requirements; assessment on O&M requirements (and operation plan); contextual assessment; proposed management model & institutional set up and detailed assessment of pros and cons of the proposed feasible option(s) / scenario(s).

Deliverable 4: Successful completion of economic analysis of the selected options including, but not  limited to; Capital and Operation Costs, financing mechanism and estimated budget, and 
implementation operation plan.

Deliverable 6: Successful provision of support and technical supervision during implementation  (construction works & operation) of the proposed viable technology, including capacity building on faecal sludge management to the city authorities and utilities & training on operation and maintenance (SOPs) of the final option(s) and construction supervision.  

Deliverable 7: Successfully completion of a Learning brief, documenting the process (including  photo documentation), lessons learnt and providing practical recommendations (based on both 
Phase 1 and Phase 2) to sustain faecal sludge management in the two cities. 

Qualifications required include a combination of expertise in urban sanitation, faecal sludge management, engineering design, feasibility assessment and. Specific requirements include: 
Faecal Sludge Management:
- More than 7 years’ practical experience in the field related to sustainable urban sanitation  and faecal sludge management (experience in development sector and with international  organisations a strong advantage)
- Experience in conducting and analysing Faecal Sludge (quantification and characterisation)
- Expertise and knowledge of Faecal Sludge Treatment Systems and Re-Use options
- Experience in developing staff capacity in Faecal sludge management and developing  Standard operating procedures for FSTPs 
- Experience in providing modular engineering design of the faecal sludge management  systems based on current and future needs & available resources. 
- Experience in soil assessment and analysis,
- Experience in providing accurate, good quality construction supervision in faecal sludge  treatment facilities and related infrastructure. 
- Track record of developing training materials, organising/facilitating training sessions, and  Coaching government staff, related to faecal sludge management.  

Feasibility assessments:
- Track record in conducting feasibility studies (preferably in relation to WASH issues).
- Experience of stakeholders engagement related to faecal sludge management
- Excellent research skills and use of research tools, combined with expertise in developing  engaging learning briefs/documentation 
- Experience of working with and engaging local government officials
- Track record of developing clear and practical strategies for guiding implementation of  WASH related interventions 
- Excellent communication skills and knowledge of both English and Swahili.
- Good planning, computer skills and reporting skills. 

Note: The call should be open to national firms/organisations. Only suppliers registered as a  company, research institution or NGOs will be accepted. 

How to Apply?
Please manually apply for this job using the details below:
To see the whole TOR use the link below

Interested organisations or firms are requested to submit:
A. Technical proposal with the following details:
- Understanding of the assignment and its tasks (including recommendations of issues to be included)
- Methodology and approach to be used
- Operational plan with clear timeline,
- Outline of the team that will implement the work, with CVs for key personnel and elaborate clearly specified roles for each team member.
Note: Technical Proposals should not exceed a maximum of 20 pages (including annexes). Lengthier proposals may be disqualified.

B. Samples of past performance; two samples completed within the last 3 years –
1) feasibility study report prefarably on Faecal Sludge Management/WASH related, and
2) Sample design report on faecal sludge treatment/related assignment. With it please provide contact details of the responsible person from the organisation for which the work was done and certificate of completion (if any).

C. Financial proposal in Tanzanian shillings, broken down into two phases and that provide at least the following details:
- Consultancy fees inclusive of taxes (please note that under Tanzanian law, WHT of 5% for national and 15% international is deducted at source and paid direct to TRA).
- Transportation, per diem costs
- Communication and stationaries
- Other related reinmbursables

D. Mandatory Requirements - Copies of:
- Tax Registration certificate TIN;
- The most recent & valid tax clearance certificate; and
- The Firms/ NGO certificates of registration;
Note: All of these items are mandatory and failure to provide them will result into disqualification of the whole bid.

Evaluation Criteria
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Please submit the EOI named “Feasibility Study, design and Construction of safe & affordable
Treatment, Disposal and reuse of Faecal Sludge option (s) in Arusha and Shinyanga” by email to: by 1700 EAT 26th August, 2019. (All documents should be typed in the following font: Verdana size 12)

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