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Consultant New Job Vacancy at SNV Tanzania | Deadline: 24th August, 2019

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Jobs in Tanzania 2019: New Job Opportunity at SNV Tanzania, 2019
Job Title: Consultant
Job Summary
The SNV Tanzania CRAFT-EA team now wishes to hire the services of a Consultant
  • Minimum Qualification: Unspecified
  • Experience Level: Senior level
  • Experience Length: 10 years

Job Description
Name of assignment: Identification of Service Providers for CRAFT-EA in Tanzania
Terms of reference title: Identification and enrolling of the Service Providers/SMEs
Sectors: Agriculture
Project: Climate Resilient Agribusiness For Tomorrow East Africa (CRAFT-EA)
Geographical focus: Central, Northern and Southern Highland regions
Number of Days: 25
Proposed start date: 02.09.2019
Proposed end date: 02.10.2019
Open to: Firm/Organization

SNV is a not-for-profit international development organization, working in Agriculture, Energy, and Water, Sanitation & Hygiene. Founded in the Netherlands in 1965, we have built a long-term, local presence in more than 30 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Our global team of local and international advisors works with local partners to equip communities, businesses and organizations with the tools, knowledge and connections they need to increase their incomes and gain access to basic services – empowering them to break the cycle of poverty and guide their own development.
SNV Tanzania’s current Agriculture Programme focuses largely around commodities such as Dairy and Sunflower; Landscapes in the Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor; and Youth employment using market-based solutions to ensure sustainable change. This new project will build on our Inclusive Business development work to increase adoption of sustainable Climate Smart production. For more information on our operations in Tanzania and SNV, visit our website:

The Climate Resilient Agribusiness For Tomorrow East Africa (CRAFT-EA) Project is a 5-year, € 39 million project implemented in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda with its initial activities in Tanzania started in June 2018. The CRAFT-EA uses an inclusive Business Development approach to support the international and Dutch efforts on climate change and sustainable production in arable farming. The project works with and through the private sector and supports public sector partners in creating an institutional environment for a wide-scale adoption of CSA-practices. It is driven by 3 pillars: i) adoption of Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) practices & technologies in arable crop production farming systems; ii) acceleration of investments and business growth in selected value chains; iii) improved enabling environment for scaling out of CSA.

Interventions are centred on business cases, which are derived from a thorough climate risk assessment and financial analysis of value chains in pulses, oilseeds, potatoes and grains. A climate smart business case innovation and investment facility aims to further improve access to finance and facilitate scaling. The project is implemented by a consortium consisting of SNV, Wageningen University & Research (WUR), the CGIAR research programme on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS), Agriterra and Rabo Partnership, and is financed by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DGIS).

CRAFT-EA Main Activities
  • Test and facilitate the introduction of CSA practices and technologies, models, and build the capacity of   value chain partners to ensure that smallholder producers and agric-SME’s adopt CSA innovations
  • Climate risk analysis of major food value chains and identification of business opportunities in CSA
  • Business case development and matching grant funding to private sector, SMEs and farmers’ cooperatives
  • Facilitate co-investment and assist in building up the business cases and financing solutions necessary for the wide-scale adoption of climate smart practices in selected crop specific value chains
  • Policy influencing and operationalization of climate plans
  • Works with national and regional government agencies, extension services, researchers, meteorological services, and financial service providers to identify and address the most significant institutional and socio-economic barriers for large scale CSA adoption in cooperation with other climate funding programs.

Objectives of the assignment;
The CRAFT-EA Project has ended the inception phase that was meant for system development and orientation. Now being in its second year, where there are a number of activities taking place in the field as we work towards supporting both the identified and the emerging business champions. Already, the team in Tanzania has identified two business champions in Dodoma that require a host of agribusiness support services.  Pre-identified and pre-qualified service providers will execute some of these services. The SNV Tanzania CRAFT-EA team now wishes to hire the services of a consultant to-
1.     Identify agribusiness service providers/SMEs
2.     Profile all qualified and eligible LSPs/SMEs
3.     Perform due diligence to the identified LSPs in terms of strength and weaknesses
4.     Include all qualified LSPs/SMEs on the SNV Tanzania list of service providers
5.     Develop terms of reference for the identified services providers
6.     Documentation of the learning process in capacity building and business development

The list of service providers will include but will not be limited to organisations that provide agriculture development support-including GAPs trainings, BDS services, entrepreneurship and commercial farming including value additions, value chains development support, financial support of the selected value chains and value chains governance support services.
The consultant will work the country project manager for CRAFT-EA Tanzania on all the technical aspect deemed by the assignment. The consultancy will require on and off presence in the Dar es Salaam office as well as in the field. The full implication of days spent in the field versus days spent in the office in Dar es Salaam will be discussed with the CRAFT-EA team once a consultant has been identified and contracted

Scope of the Assignment.
Working under the overall guidance of the CRAFT-EA, the consultant will perform the assignment by considering the following;
1.     Geographic coverage:  Dodoma, Kilimanjaro, Arusha, Mbeya, Manyara, Singida and Katavi regions.
2.     Value Chain: Sunflower and Common beans
3.     Purpose: Identification and profiling of local service providers/SMEs

Overview of the assignment
In providing technical support and capacity building in the mentioned areas, the consultancy orgnisation or firm will collaborate and work closely with the project implementing partners (IPs). The project IPs are, SNV Tanzania, Wageningen University & Research (WUR), the CGIAR research programme on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS), Agriterra and Rabo Partnership.
Since the CRAFT-EA program works through business champions at first those in the sunflower and common beans and later in Sorghum and Potatoes located in Central, southern highland, northern and lake zones; therefore most of the assignment will be done there and areas where IPs are located i.e. Dar es Salaam.

The consultancy firm or organisation should also bear in mind that, gender is mainstreamed by the CRAFT-EA and thus their empowerment through project activities is important.  The consultancy organisation or firm will report to and receive supervision from a designated SNV representative. The consultancy organisation or firm will be supported by SNV to understand the project outcomes and its related activities as well as SNV policies which are required to be abided to. The consultancy organisation or firm will coordinate, implement, and monitor the activities as detailed in the scope of work above
The consultancy organisation or firm/individual will be encouraged to make use of, adapt and complement, the available resources from their organisation such as analytical, judgemental skills training manual and guides. The consultany organisation or firm will be expected to appoint a dedicated technical lead responsible for the assignment.

The consultancy organisation or firm will also be expected to:
1.     Identify prospective service providers for the CRAFT-EA project in Tanzania
2.     Profile all the pre-qualified service providers
3.     Conduct a due diligence of the pre-qualified service providers
4.     Develop a report of final list of the service providers that have been selected to work with the team
5.     Develop a terms of reference for each of the selected service providers in line with the project field activities
6.     Contribute to knowledge development/learning events as part of the CRAFT-EA team; i.e. joint reflection sessions, lessons learnt, challenges and case stories.
7.     Documentation of the learning process in capacity building of IPs in leadership, business & Entrepreneurship and project management.
(a)   Final Report of the assignment and supporting documents available.
(b)   Format of the report should include the executive summary, introduction, objective of the assignment, interventions carried out, results/outcome, and lesson learnt, recommendations, conclusion, and annexes of training materials, tools and list of participants. Supporting documents will include photos and any relevant materials.

Other deliverables by the contracted consultancy organization or firm
1.     Weekly planning calendars
2.     Monthly activity plan as reflected from the project annual plan
3.     Profiled list of selected agribusiness service providers
4.     Establish and maintain good relationships with project partners and stakeholders
5.     Provide timely and quality deliverables as per contract

6. Competence required
1.     A relevant academic qualification of the key staff of the organisation: Agribusiness, Agricultural Economy or Business Administration;
2.     Minimum of ten years of experience of working with or in Agribusiness, preferably in the prioritised commodities (pulses, oilseed, potatoes and grains);
3.     Knowledge of the leading agribusiness service providers in Tanzania;
4.     Experience in value chain development, climate smart agriculture, and agribusiness finance, preferable experience with climate finance;
5.     Ability and demonstrated experience of designing  and appraising service providers rosters
6.     Excellent communication (written and oral), reporting and presentation skills;
7.     Willingness to travel to all project locations;
8.     Experience of working in the region detailed in the scope of work is a plus.
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7. Evaluation Criteria:
I.        Criteria - Maximum score
Past Performance – Quality and relevance of previous work conducted by the firm/Organization. Based on references provided by the contracting companies, and a sample of a piece of comparable, previous work completed by the firm within the last 12 months. Max Score = 20
Technical Proposal – demonstrating 1) a clear understanding of the assignment 2) a viable and appropriate methodology, and 3) a realistic operational plan (including with proposed timeline) Max Score = 40
Team Composition and structure – Relevance of the proposed team structure to the methodology and the task assigned; Qualifications and relevant experience of the key personnel (CVs) Max Score = 25
Financial Proposal – A realistic breakdown of costs required to deliver the assignment that demonstrates value for money (including clear units/unit costs, separating professional fees, per diems and other reimbursable costs). The budget should be detailed enough to show number of days, involved professional, breakdown of office and field days, transport costs, workshop costs, etc. Max Score = 15
TOTAL = 100

8. Submission of the Expression of Interest EOI
Interested organizations or firms are requested to submit:
A)  Technical  proposal with the following details:
  • Understanding1 of the assignment and its tasks-
  • Methodology and approach to be used,
  • Operational plan with clear timeline,
  • Outline of the team that will implement the work, with CVs for key personnel and clearly specified roles for each team member.
Note:  Technical Proposals should not exceed a maximum of 20 pages (including annexes). Lengthierproposals may be disqualified.

B)  A sample of previous work experience in Agribusiness, preferably in the prioritised commodities (pulses, oilseed, potatoes and grains); completed within the last 12 month along with contact details of the responsible person from the organization in which similar assignment was done.

C) Past Performance – three references
Applicants must prove that they have enough experience in assignments comparable with the work they
Are bidding for in terms of scope and complexity. Applicants must prove this experience using only and exactly three references for work they have done in the last five years.
Applicants must provide written proof for each of the references giving at least the following data:
  • Name of the contracting company/donor, name of the person who managed the contract for the company/donor and email and telephone numbers for the contact who managed the contract;
  • Title of the project or contract or grant and / or the contract/grant number;
  • Time and place of execution for the work done;
  • Clear  description  of  the  services  provided  by  the  applicant  (no  more  than  one  page);
Organization /Contractors worked with and assignment performed in the last 3 years

D) Financial proposal (in Tanzanian Shillings) with the following details
  • Consultancy fees submitted must be inclusive of all taxes- VAT inclusive (please note that under Tanzanian law, a Withholding Tax (WHT) of 5% for national and 15% international is deducted at source and paid directly to TRA).
  • Transportation, per diem costs,
  • Communication and stationaries.

E) Mandatory requirement – Copies of:
Tax Registration certificate, Recent Tax Clearance, Business License, Company registration.

Failure to provide any of the documents above will result in elimination of the EOI

How to Apply?
Please manually apply for this job using the details below:
Please submit the EOI by email to by 24th August 2019.

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