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Agronomist and Extension Specialist at Fintrac Global Inc. (FGI)

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Fintrac Global Inc. (FGI) Tanzania
Jobs in Tanzania 2024: New Job Vacancies at Fintrac Global Inc. (FGI) Tanzania 2024


Fintrac Global Inc. (FGI) Tanzania Jobs 2024
Agronomist and Extension Specialist
Agronomist and Extension Specialist at Fintrac Global Inc. (FGI) January, 2024
Job Announcement: Agronomist and Extension Specialist
Fintrac Global Inc. (FGI) is a US-based, Small Business Administration (SBA)-certified small business specializing in agricultural development in emerging markets. Using localized knowledge, technologies, and inputs, we support farming families, entrepreneurs, and agribusinesses to improve productivity and availability of nutritious foods, increase incomes, strengthen resiliency to climate change, and reach new markets. Our objective is to prepare the next generation of smallholder farmers and agribusinesses to sustainably meet the world’s rising food security demands.

In Tanzania, FGI is implementing a subcontract with ACDI/VOCA under the USAID-funded Feed the Future Tanzania Kilimo Tija Activity, which aims to transform the Tanzanian horticulture market system into a more vibrant, competitive, resilient, and inclusive one capable of fueling sustained growth and drawing in new market opportunities. Under this subcontract, FGI is seeking Agronomist and Extension Specialist in Morogoro Region.

Support farmers, input supply companies, agro dealers, women, and youth groups, and VBAAs to help them use and apply appropriate technology and skills and sustainably increase productivity and profitability of their enterprises and farming business.

Identify appropriate clients and stakeholders in the horticulture sector and recommending them to the Senior Agronomist or Partnership Specialist for program assistance. 
  • Assist with the formation and/or support of smallholder grower groups and ensure their successful development and participation in out grower schemes or other group activities relevant to program objectives.
  • Coordinate with other specialists along the value chain (finance, postharvest, processing/value addition, market facilitators, partnership technical coordinators) to address lead farmer and partner constraints.
  • Identify constraints in the local horticultural value chains so that the program and its partners can begin identifying and introducing solutions.
  • Liaise with Senior Agronomist and input supply companies to support establishment and follow up of technology demonstration sites, and Farmers Field Days, as platforms for demand creation and training.
  • Facilitate provision of technical support from input companies to youth groups, lead farmers, VBAAs, hub- agro dealers, rural agro dealers in the implementation of the project grants milestone deliverables. 
Follow up on collection of data from women and youth groups and farmers’ organizations to ensure quality and completeness of data collection forms and address all gaps based on supervisors’ input.
  • Collect all the necessary data and information required and submit it to Senior Agronomist and any other staff in the project as required.
  • Submit timely field data related to indicators and quarterly reports to Senior Agronomist.
  • Work with supervisor to plan and implement work plans in the designated region.
Profile and facilitate preparation of training materials for youth groups, agro dealers, VBAAs, and lead farmers in product knowledge in collaboration with input supply companies.
  • Follow up on the available productivity enhancing technologies from input companies, research institutes and model farmers and liaise with stakeholders and Feed the Future Tanzania Kilimo Tija Partnerships and Business Development teams to support their commercialization.
  • Liaise with Senior Agronomist and input supply companies to support establishment and follow up of technology demonstration sites as platforms for demand creation and training.
Collaboration, Learning, and Adapting (CLA)
Collaborative planning and implementation of activities with either fellow KTA staff or collaborators. Build good relationships with the team and support in addressing issues of different expertise.
  • Ensure and coordinate planning and implementation of KTA activities across components including activities from GYSI, production, finance, marketing, grantees, GEOs.
  • Identify and communicate with peers and supervisors regarding business development opportunities with private sector, government, other collaborators, and smallholder farmers working with KTA which need to be addressed by other KTA staff.
  • Plan with other KTA staff on how to address identified issues.
  • Collaborate with fellow staff to monitor any support given to the private sector, government and/or smallholder farmers working with KTA to address identified issues.
  • Engage with like-minded organizations and firms to facilitate delivery of products and services to horticulture private sector firms and smallholder farmers. 
Routine and periodic collection and monitoring of beneficiary data 
  • Collect and submit to MEL Specialist or fill in data directly into Activity Info for all activities implemented on weekly basis.
  • Support grantees, MSMEs, GEOs and other collaborators in data collection, submission and reporting to KTA.
  • Collect baseline data and follow-up data OCA, M4
  • Collaborate with MEL Specialist to ensure all MSMEs and grantees working with KTA have performance indicator-based baseline and Organization Capacity Assessment data. 
Monitor collection, analysis and utilize data for informed project intervention. 
  • Support KTA staff, grantees, MSMEs, GEOs and other collaborators in data collection, submission and reporting to KTA.
  • Work with MEL Manager and Database Specialist to ensure that KTA dashboard has real time and quality data for progress monitoring, learning and evidence-based decisions. 
Conduct Periodic pause and reflect meetings with stakeholders. 
  • Based on quarterly feedback reports conduct quarterly pause and reflect meetings with stakeholders including grantees, MSMEs, GEOs and other collaborators working with KTA to come up with key learning points and develop adaptive management strategies
  • Participate in internal pause and reflect meetings and take part in proposing adaptation strategies to improve project interventions and work with stakeholders. 
Develop MoUs and Engagements with suppliers/providers of products and services (private and public) to deliver services to horticultural sector private sector firms and smallholder farmers.
Undertake other activities and duties as may be assigned from time to time.


  • Minimum of bachelor’s degree in agriculture, agronomy, botany, horticulture, or related field
  • At least 5 years’ working experience in agro input supply industry or institution supporting scaling seeds and technology in the agriculture sector.
  • Must have excellent knowledge in horticulture production, as well as possess strong leadership skills and have a proven track record in agriculture development projects.
  • Previous or current experience in the horticulture industry in Tanzania is an added advantage. Excellent writing skills and oral communication skills
  • Ability to work independently and produce quality communications under tight deadlines.
  • Complete fluency in oral and written Kiswahili and English
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office and other media creation/editing programs

Please send cover letter and updated resume to no later than February 09th, 2024. The subject line of the email should include the job title and location.

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