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New Job ZANZIBAR at UNICEF,Individual Consultant - Evaluation of Social Protection Policy | Deadline: 24th October, 2019

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Position: Individual Consultant -Evaluation of the Zanzibar Social Protection Policy
Job Number: 527154
Locations: Africa: Tanzania,Uni.Re
Work Type : Consultancy
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The Zanzibar Social Protection Policy (ZSPP) was approved by the government in 2016.  The long-term vision is that all Zanzibaris will have a decent and dignified quality of life, reduced vulnerability to poverty and shocks, and equal opportunities to participate in the socio-economic development of Zanzibar.
It is envisaged that this will be accomplished by pursuing the following four objectives:
  • to contribute to minimum income security;
  • to provide adequate protection against life-course shocks and livelihood risks;
  • to extend access to basic social services, for all citizens and residents of Zanzibar; and
  • to strengthen multi-sectoral coordination of all stakeholders working on social protection.
The Social Protection Unit in MLEEWC has expressed an interest and requested UNICEF to commission an evaluation of the policy and implementation plan given that it has been 5 years since the policy was approved and three years since implementation started in 2016/17. The evaluation will be managed by the Director for Elders and Social Welfare with support from the Social Protection Unit and UNICEF, which will contract a consultant. The present TORs outline the main parameters and scope of work for this evaluation.
The purpose of the evaluation is to provide a space for reflection for social protection stakeholders on social protection in Zanzibar and to examine the implementation of the policy 5 years after it was approved.  It is expected to result in a revised implementation plan as well as recommendations on how the social protection sector can develop over the next 5 – 10 years. 

The objective of this assignment is to review and evaluate the implementation of the social protection policy and implementation plan, propose potential areas of development of the social protection system and revise & update the implementation strategy and M&E framework.

The main objectives for this assignment are to:
  1. Assess whether the policy remains consistent with the needs of the key target groups; and to what extent existing social protection programmes are contributing to achievement of the policy’s objectives and reaching intended target populations;
  2. Take stock of progress made and identify lessons learned with the implementation of the social protection implementation plan and the functioning of the social protection system and propose potential expansion of existing and establishment of new schemes/programmes;
  3. Map and assess current mechanisms and capacity for coordination of social protection at national and sub-national levels;
  4. Make recommendations regarding reforms to the social protection programmes framework to expand and deepen social protection coverage in line with the policy’s objectives and strategic direction
  5. Recommend and facilitate preparation of an action plan for the second half of the social protection implementation plan, including scenarios for expansion and deepening of existing and new schemes, potential review of the M&E framework, and actions to strengthen social protection coordination.

The individual consultant is expected to propose a detailed methodology that would be most suited to the assignment.  The approach will combine desk-based review, interviews with key stakeholders and participatory workshops to obtain inputs and validation of the draft report and develop a new implementation plan. 
The key outputs of the assignment include:
  • Inception report & presentation
  • Evaluation report & presentation 
  • Action plan and new M&E framework

The specific tasks of the consultant will include:
  1. Reviewing the existing documents: social protection policy and implementation plan, programme impact evaluations, social protection budget analysis, ZUSP impact evaluation, the Zanzibar Household Budget Survey, and the PSSN impact evaluation.
  2. Developing an inception plan, carrying out a stakeholders’ consultation and field visit
  3. Interviewing key stakeholders in Unguja and Pemba
  4. Preparing a draft evaluation report & powerpoint presentation
  5. Presentation of key findings, recommendations and proposed action plan to MLEEWC and stakeholders and collation of feedback
  6. Incorporate feedback to the evaluation report
  7. Present final evaluation report with proposed action plan and M&E framework

The full assignment shall take between 40 – 50 working days (including 3 visits to Zanzibar – in the event of a consultant based in Mainland Tanzania) from the date of signing the contract. The consultant shall provide the following deliverables:
Phase Activity Details Deliverables Time Frame
Phase 1

·Consultations with key social protection stakeholders on scope of the evaluation
·Develop an inception plan detailing key approach, timeline and tools needed
·Reviewing the existing documents: social protection policy and implementation plan
Zanzibar trip 1:
·Present inception report
·Key informant interviews with key social protection stakeholders
·Carrying out a stakeholders’ consultation
Approved Inception report by UNICEF and MLEEWC management

(Deliverable 1, 20%)
5-10 days
Phase 2 Remotely:
·       Preparing a draft evaluation report & powerpoint presentation
Zanzibar trip 2:
·Presentation of key findings/validation to MLEEWC and stakeholders and collation of feedback
Draft evaluation report

(Deliverable 2, 40%)

30 days

·Incorporate feedback to the evaluation report
Zanzibar trip 3:
·Present final evaluation report with proposed action plan
Final Evaluation report & presentation

(Deliverable 3, 40%)

5-10 days
The consultants shall carry out the assignment under the joint supervision of the Director of the Department of Elders and Social Welfare, and UNICEF Chief of Zanzibar Field Office. Day to day management will be carried out by Social Policy Specialists in Zanzibar.  It is expected that key deliverables will be reviewed by Social Protection Steering Committee.
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This assignment requires an international individual consultant with experience in East Africa. The consultant should have the following qualifications and experience
  • Advanced degree in social sciences and or other relevant fields of study;
  • Minimum of ten years of documented experience in research and evaluation of social protection programmes in East Africa;
  • Good knowledge of the social protection landscape of Tanzania is an asset;
  • Demonstrated experience working closely with stakeholders such as government ministries and donors;
  • Experience in developing and implementing an M&E framework is required;
  • Strong track record of successfully completed similar assignments
  • Excellent writing and presentation skills; and
  • Ability to communicate and conduct interviews and facilitate workshops in English
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Payments will be made upon submission and acceptance of the specified deliverables in the table above.  Final payment to a consultant is dependent on the completion of deliverables. UNICEF reserves the right to withhold all or a portion of payment if performance is u
Interested consultant will be assessed on the basis of CV and financial proposal submitted. 

  • The consultant will be expected to provide his/her own materials such as computer and office supplies, expect in the event of a consultation workshop.
  • The consultant will not have authorised access to UNICEF transport, except where accompanied by a UNICEF staff.
  • The consultant should conduct this assignment remotely, with the exception of visit to Zanzibar required for consultations and workshops (for list of detailed visits, refer to TASKS, DELIVERABLES AND TIME FRAME section above). 

  • Under the consultancy agreements, a month is defined as 21 working days, and fees are prorated accordingly.  Consultants are not paid for weekends or public holidays.
  • Consultants are not entitled to payment of overtime.  All remuneration must be within the contract agreement.
  • No contract may commence unless the contract is signed by both UNICEF and the consultant or Contractor.
  • For international consultants outside the duty station, signed contracts must be sent by fax or email.  Signed contract copy or written agreement must be received by the office before Travel Authorisation is issued.
  • No consultant may travel without a signed travel authorisation prior to the commencement of the journey to the duty station.
  • Unless authorised, UNICEF will buy the tickets of the consultant.  In exceptional cases, the consultant may be authorised to buy their travel tickets and shall be reimbursed at the “most economical and direct route” but this must be agreed to beforehand.
  • Consultants will not have supervisory responsibilities or authority on UNICEF budget.
  • Consultant will be required to sign the Health statement for consultants/Individual contractor prior to taking up the assignment, and to document that they have appropriate health insurance, including Medical Evacuation.
  • The Form 'Designation, change or revocation of beneficiary' must be completed by the consultant upon arrival, at the HR Section.

The consultant should respect the confidentiality of the information obtained during the assignment.  S/he can use documents and information provided only for the tasks related to these terms of reference. The consultant shall adhere to UNICEF Procedure for Ethical Standards in Research, Evaluation and Data Collection and analysis (effective from 1st April 2015).
 Opening Date Thu Oct 17 2019 09:00:00 GMT+0300 (East Africa Time) E. Africa Standard TimeClosing Date Thu Oct 24 2019 23:55:00 GMT+0300 (East Africa Time) 

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