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Head of Human Resources at Integrated HR Care Company Limited

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IHC Tanzania Jobs 2024
Head of Human Resources
Head of Human Resources at Integrated HR Care Company Limited April 2024
Position Designation: Head of Human Resources
Location: Dar es Salaam
Country: Tanzania
Reports to (designation): Operational: Country CEO and General Manager; Functional – Group HR Officer

Main purpose of the position:
To help ensure that the Business Unit achieves its corporate objectives and makes the best use of its employees by developing, directing, managing and maintaining innovative, best-practice, effective and forward-looking Human Resource strategies, practices, protocols and procedures, which are aligned with building solutions & coated steel HR objectives. Reporting in to this position (designation and level)
a. Routine/Direct: Human Resource Manager, Security and Administration Manager.
b. Functional/Indirect: Human Resources Business partners

Key responsibilities:
Strategic HR:
• Contribute to the development of HR strategy for the Company, particularly by advising on the human resource implications of strategic decisions.
• Manage and maintain effective Human Capital strategies and tactical plans and ensure that these are communicated and implemented throughout the Company in a way that supports the business objectives.
• Lead organization development efforts to enhance the company’s culture, capabilities, and effectiveness.
• Facilitate organizational assessments, culture surveys, and feedback mechanisms to identify areas for improvement.
• Assess the current organizational structure and recommend adjustments to optimize efficiency and effectiveness.
• Collaborate with senior management to design and implement organizational changes to support strategic goals.
• Ensure clear job descriptions, reporting lines, and responsibilities within the organization.
• Collaborate with senior management to design and implement change programs that promote organizational transformation.
• Develop and execute change management plans, including communication strategies, training programs, and resistance management.
• Monitor the impact of change initiatives and adjust strategies as needed to ensure successful implementation.

HR Policy and Compliance:
• Advise the Company’s Senior Management about HR policies, procedures and actions
required to ensure that the Company makes the best use of its employees.
• Ensure maintenance of all necessary HR procedures and systems to ensure that the Company has all the information required for effective resource planning and management and regulatory compliance.

Budgeting and Cost Management:
• In conjunction with the Group HR Officer and CEO, develop and monitor the Company’s HR budget to ensure that HR services are provided at the appropriate level consistent with the attainment of the Company’s objectives.

Workforce Planning and Recruitment:

• Manage and maintain all necessary HR Workforce Planning, Recruitment and Selection procedures to ensure that the Company has staff of the right calibre to enable it to meet its corporate objectives.
• Conduct regular manpower analysis to assess workforce capabilities, skill gaps, and succession planning needs.
• Use data-driven insights to make informed decisions about workforce optimization and development.
• Develop and implement workforce plans to ensure the right number of employees with the necessary skills.
• Oversee recruitment strategies, including job postings, interviews, and selection processes.
• Build relationships with external recruiting agencies and job boards.

Talent Management and Development:

• Develop, conduct and manage the Company’s Learning and Development plan which
would include budgets, reports and feedback from the Performance Management system.
• Design and implement learning and development programs that align with organizational development goals and address skill gaps identified through manpower analysis.
• Implement all group learning and development programs.
• Manage succession planning to ensure a pipeline of future leaders.

Employee Relations and Engagement
• Manage all employee relations activities within the Company with your team and ensure that there is an ongoing harmonious relationship between management and staff.
• Gather feedback through surveys and other means to assess employee satisfaction and make improvements.
• Design and implement employee engagement initiatives that align with organizational goals.

Labor Relations (in manufacturing):
• Manage harmonious relationships with unions
• Negotiate labor contracts and resolve labor disputes and grievances.
• Ensure adherence to collective bargaining agreements.

Administration and Security
• Oversee all administration related activities including preventative and corrective maintenance of Company facilities, statutory compliances including business Licences for all Branches, office supplies and transportation
• Collaborate with security teams to establish and enforce security protocols within HR operations, safeguarding sensitive employee data and confidential company information.
• Conduct regular audits and assessments of company property to identify vulnerabilities and take corrective actions to mitigate theft risks.
• Ensure that company vehicles and equipment are properly secured and monitored to prevent theft and misuse.
• Ensure HR practices adhere to regulatory compliance, including data protection and privacy laws, to protect employee information and minimize legal risks.
• Develop and maintain emergency response and contingency plans for HR-related incidents, such as data breaches or natural disasters.
• Conduct regular drills and training for HR staff to ensure readiness in handling security and emergency situations.
• Manage the administrative aspects of HR facilities, including office space, equipment, and supplies, to create a conducive work environment.
• Coordinate preventative and corrective maintenance activities to ensure the safety and functionality of HR-related spaces.
• Maintain up-to-date security guidelines and ensure that employees have access to relevant resources and contact information for reporting security concerns.

Budgetary responsibility:
• Provide inputs for the annual budgeting process.
• Implementation and management of annual budgets for HR and Admin.
• Allocate budget resources for organization development, change management, and talent development programs.
Read Also:
1. Qualifications required:
i. Minimum academic qualification: BBA, MBA – HR Option
ii. Qualifications as an added advantage: Diploma in Human Resource Management
iii. Professional registration: As per legal requirement (if applicable)

Experience required:

i. General work experience (years): 15-20 years
ii. Specific to the position (level/discipline/years): 10 years
iii. Industry: Manufacturing

Key Competencies & Traits:
a. Communication & Interpersonal skills
  • The ideal candidate must possess exceptional verbal and written communication skills. 
  • Strong interpersonal skills are crucial for building rapport with employees, management, and external partners
  • Effective presentation skills for training sessions, meetings, and reports.
  • Skillful negotiation and conflict resolution abilities to facilitate positive outcomes.
b. Adaptability:
  • They should be open to change, able to pivot HR strategies as needed, and agile in response to evolving employee needs.

Empathy and Listening Skills:
These qualities are vital for understanding and addressing the concerns and needs of employees.
HR leaders should be approachable, compassionate, and skilled at active listening.
Conflict Resolution Skills:
  • The ability to handle conflicts and difficult conversations with diplomacy and professionalism is a must.
  • HR heads should strive to create harmonious working environments.
Strategic Thinking:
  • HR leaders should possess strategic thinking capabilities, enabling them to align HR initiatives with the overall business objectives of the organization.
  • They should be forward-thinking and able to anticipate HR needs and trends.
Leadership and Team Building:
  • Strong leadership skills are essential for motivating and developing HR teams.
  • HR heads should be able to create a collaborative and high-performing HR department.
Ethical Integrity:
  • Upholding high ethical standards and maintaining confidentiality are non-negotiable for HR leaders.
  • Trustworthiness and integrity are central to this role.

4. Language requirements:
a. English
b. Kiswahili
Computer literacy:
a. MS Office packages
b. IT Software applications

Personality profile:
The ideal DISC profile for the role is Dominance (D):
  • A Head of HR should have a balanced level of Dominance, which means being assertive and confident but not overly aggressive.
  • They should be able to take charge when necessary, especially during HR crises or strategic decision-making.
Influence (I):
  • A strong Influence trait is valuable for building relationships, fostering employee engagement, and effectively communicating HR policies and initiatives.
  • HR leaders with this trait can motivate and inspire their teams.
Steadiness (S):
  • A moderate level of Steadiness is important for maintaining stability in HR operations.
  • HR heads should be patient, empathetic, and able to handle employee concerns and conflicts with composure.
Conscientiousness (C):
  • HR leaders benefit from a higher Conscientiousness level, as they often deal with sensitive employee data, policies, and compliance.

Being detail-oriented, organized, and focused on accuracy is essential. Additional/specific work requirements:
a. Commercial orientation

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