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Consultant at CRS Tanzania

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Consultancy Advert – Production of a Video Documentary
Consultancy Advert – Production of a Video Documentary at CRS April, 2024
Terms of Reference for the Production of a Video Documentary
General Background.
Catholic Relief Services (CRS) has been honored to serve Tanzanian communities since 1962 in a diverse range of sectors from Health, WASH, Ag/Livelihoods, Nutrition, Early Childhood Development (ECD) and Youth Empowerment/Entrepreneurship. With ECD, CRS implements interventions at national, regional and village levels.

Program description.
Since 2022, CRS has been implementing the program namely ‘Strengthening Faith Systems for Early Childhood Development in Tanzania, Kenya and Mozambique’. The goal is that faith-based systems are leveraged to contribute to improved Early Childhood Development outcomes for children 0-3 years in Tanzania, Kenya and Mozambique. The program has been building capacities of faith leaders to deliver quality ECD knowledge and skills to their congregants and communities. This was done through capacity building trainings and ongoing coaching and mentorships at national, regional and county/ district levels.

The program has also been working with faith networks to jointly identify and incorporate ECD sessions within faith networks’ systems (with their member churches and/ or mosques) i.e., during pre-marital sessions, sermons, faith-based seminars and/ or youth religious session – to mention a few. This was realized through sharing information about how faith networks function during consultative meetings – leading to proposing opportunities within each network to deliver ECD knowledge and skills to adolescent, adult caregivers, and communities.

Purpose and Objectives of this assignment
CRS Tanzania plans to document processes, activities, achievements, challenges and recommendations about the faith systems and leaders strengthening component in the ECD program specifically in Tanzania.
  • The documentary will record testimonies about CRS program engagement with faith systems and how these have influenced adaptation and guarantee sustained ECD activities within faith systems. The videographer will also record the current activities implemented within their systems and their prospects for future implementation contributing to ECD agenda in the country. Faith leaders/ systems will demonstrate how the developed job aids integrate key nurturing care messages supported by holy scripts either from Holy Bible or Holy Quran. The focus on this part will be on faith networks in Tanzania namely: Christian Council of Tanzania (CCT), Council of Pentecostal Churches of Tanzania (CPCT), Tanzania Episcopal Council (TEC) and Baraza Kuu la Waislamu Tanzania (BAKWATA).
  • The documentary will record testimonies from the communities about their perception of the faith-leaders engagement on ECD agenda and how this has positively influenced their uptake of ECD practices unlike secular ECD activities. On the other hand, the community will also explain additional expectations for faith leaders’ engagement and services to be vastly delivered either within the faith systems or in the communities.
  • The documentary will record Government perspective about their contribution to faith systems’ efforts to integrate ECD and ECD advocacy in general. This includes. Government perspective on how faith systems are becoming more influential to advocate for ECD in Tanzania. This part will record different activities implemented by the Government to support faith systems, opportunities available to continue support the agenda and prospects of faith systems on ECD agenda. Finally, the documentary will include a call to action for the need to take advantage of faith systems as resources that are respected, listened by families to support nurturing care.
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Scope of Work
The videographer/ team will provide a short 3–5-minute video with English sub-titles on how the program supported strengthening faith systems and networks for ECD; and contributions of different stakeholders to achieve that goal in Tanzania. While the focus of collecting evidence from the communities will be in program implementation regions in Mbeya and Tabora, the documentary will also record information from selected individuals (Faith Leaders & Government Officers) contributed to program in regions of Dodoma and Dar es Salaam.

Scope of activities
With above-mentioned deliverables, the videographer/ team is expected to carry out the following activities in consultation with CRS assigned staff.

  • Develop the documentary film’s overall concept and scenario
  • Develop storyline with full description of activities and shot list, timeline, key interview questions & list of expected respondentsConduct field activities to perform appropriate video filming and shoot interviews with the projects’ beneficiaries and stakeholders.
  • Produce original full-length documentary with all activities and interviews (with English sub-titles) in flash disc & online link (i.e., Provide all raw materials to CRS, including interviews and b-roll, organized by date)
  • Produce edited high quality high-quality 3-5 minutes documentary (with English sub-titles) in flash disc and online link
  • Incorporate comments from CRS on edited high quality 13-50 minutes documentary
  • Produce final high quality 3-5 minutes documentary (with English sub-titles) in flash & online link.

NOTE: The indicated dates do NOT imply the total number of days charged by the engaged videographer rather they show deadlines for each assignment. Therefore, it is upon the videographer professional view to determine and propose recommended paid days based on the described assignment BUT NOT beyond the final assignment date.

Expected Deliverables
  • Submission of a storyboard and script for documentary
  • Full-length high-quality video (raw documentary) with English sub-titles. (i.e., Provide all raw materials to CRS, including interviews and b-roll, organized by date)
  • Edited high quality 3-5 minutes video with English subtitles.

Work Relationships
The videographer/ team will work closely with CRS assigned staff to arrange and coordinate this specific tasks. The videographer is expected to communicate with CRS regularly via cell phone and/ or e-mails for inputs, feedback, and comments. At the start of the assignment, the videographer will meet physically or virtually with the CRS team/ assigned staff to agree on video themes, activities’ timelines, and logistics.

Expertise and Minimum Requirements of the Videographer/ team
  • Experience in videography for 4 or more years.
  • Experience in making storylines for short documentary series. e., Demonstrable experience in developing similar documentaries, preferably for NGOs.
  • Experiences in engaging with respondents to generate good story i.e., making interviewee comfortable to share their stories – NOTE: It is a plus that the videographer/ team demonstrates their experience engaging faith-based leaders, Government officials, ordinary citizens in interviews.
  • Excellent communication skills in both English and Swahili
  • Demonstrated understanding of the task and ability to tell a story through pieces of events.

Application Procedure:
Interested individual videographer/ team must submit the following documents:
  • Financial proposal [professional fee per day, logistics for field activities, materials etc.]
  • NOTE: No contingency costs will be allowed.
  • Expression of Interest, and CV Profiling experience in handling similar assignments.
  • List of own/ leased equipment (specifications) that will be used for the assignment.
  • Sample of at least (1) documentary video/ short story video documented by the videographer.
  • Two (2) references who has directly work relations with the videographer/ team.

The application can be sent to the address below or e‐mailed to reach the undersigned seven (7) workdays after the advert is shared out to:
Catholic Relief Services – Tanzania Program
Note: Please indicate “Videographer for Strengthening Faith Systems for ECD” in the email subject
The deadline for submitting the application is 16 April 2024.
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