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Specialist Montessori Teacher at Silverleaf Academy Tanzania Ltd

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Silverleaf Academy
Jobs in Tanzania 2024: New Job Vacancies at Silverleaf Academy Tanzania 2024


Silverleaf Academy Tanzania Jobs 2024
Specialist Montessori Teacher
Specialist Montessori Teacher at Silverleaf Academy Tanzania Ltd March 2024
Organization: Silverleaf Academy Ltd, Tanzania
Location: Silverleaf Academy Usa River Campus, Tanzania
Position: Kindergarten Teacher
Contract Type: Full Time
Line Manager: Head of Lower
Direct Reports: Teaching Interns only if necessary

Silverleaf Academy is a chain of affordable private pre-primary and primary schools, educating children aged 2-14. Our mission is to provide lower-middle income families in Tanzania with highest quality learning at the most affordable levels. Using the national Tanzanian curriculum, Silverleaf schools deploy an inclusive, tech-supported curriculum inside every classroom, and adopt an innovative team-teaching approach and in-service training program. Our schools are specifically designed to build both student academic competencies and wider life, leadership and learning skills.

It is our promise to our students and their parents that Silverleaf students will not leave school without full mastery of the basic skills of writing, reading and math, while also being prepared for a world where critical thinking, team collaboration, and entrepreneurship are paramount. Silverleaf Academy believes that quality education should be accessible to every child. Silverleaf currently has one fully operational campus in Usa River serving approximately 400 pre-primary to standard 7 students.

The ultimate aim is to ensure that students are encouraged to discover the best version of themselves, building life, leadership and learning skills as they develop. We want to build a confident and compassionate generation leading the future of Tanzania.

Key Performance Indicators
  • Student Wellness: Termly and end of year social and emotional learning outcomes, and annual growth
  • Academic Attainment: Termly and end of year academic proficiency and annual growth
  • Co-curricular Enrichment: Leading or supporting colleagues in co-curricular programming
  • English Mastery: On or working towards C1 standard of English proficiency
  • Technology Integration: Working towards exceptional standards of technology use in classrooms
  • Responsibilities
  • Ensuring school safeguarding and child protection policies are adhered to and making sure that all children are safe at all times, both inside and outside of the school
  • Maintaining incident register and management decision for safeguarding issues.
  • Creating environments and having a proactive approach in making sure students feel safe.
  • Recognising signs of abuse and neglect in children and raising concerns where necessary.
  • Using participatory and differentiated classroom teaching methods to ensure that all learners are engaged and that inclusive learning outcomes are achieved.
  • Writing inclusive lesson plans in advance for review before teaching begins.
  • Planning and conducting activities for a balanced program of instruction, demonstration, and work time that provides students with opportunities to observe, question, and investigate.
  • Identifying children showing signs of emotional, developmental, or health-related problems, and discussing with supervisors, parents or guardians, and child development specialists as necessary.
  • Ensuring that students are provided with holistic support in their education journey to promote holistic learning outcomes.
  • Observe and evaluate children’s performance, behaviour, social development, and physical health and communicate to the head teacher by filling a health or behaviour log book.
  • Meeting with parents/ guardians to discuss their children’s progress and needs, to determine their priorities for their children, and suggest ways that they can promote learning and development at the end of every term, end of the year, or any time needed.
  • Preparing and implementing remedial programs for students requiring extra help three times per week.
  • Planning and organizing the effective implementation of the approved curriculum to achieve excellent academic outcomes.
  • Using the national curriculum and syllabus as a framework in guiding students to achieve high performance.
  • Writing appropriate lesson plans in advance for review before teaching begins.
  • Conferring with other staff members to plan and schedule lessons which promote learning using the approved curricula.
  • Using positive and proactive behaviour management approaches to reduce disruption and to improve learning engagement in the classroom.
  • Establishing and enforcing classroom routines and school culture for behaviour, and procedures for maintaining order.
  • Communicating with coordinators, school discipline committee and Head Teacher as appropriate concerning pervasive or continuing behaviour concerns.
  • Following procedures for meetings to resolve issues and for recording information in the behaviour log book.
  • Building robust and appropriate assessments into the method of teaching and learning, using data to inform improved teaching interventions.
  • Design and administer formative social emotional learning (SEL) assessments to help determine children’s developmental levels, needs, and potential such
  • Assist with collection of learning outcome data to assist the school with broader baselines and summative endline assessments.
  • Administer national examinations and other assessments with the highest level of integrity and professionalism.
  • Using co-curricular activities in a proactive and positive way to enhance the education experience for all members of the school community.
  • Planning, organizing and leading activities designed to promote physical, mental and social development, such as games, arts and crafts, music, storytelling, and field trips.
  • Making arrangements for field trips and related transportation by following the specified guidelines and policy set.
  • Identifying new and interesting activities to augment teaching and learning and to add to the value proposition of the school.
  • Demonstrating a commitment to excellent teamwork, using clear and appropriate communications channels and approaches.
  • Maintain timely, accurate and professional communication across the academic and wider school team to ensure smooth running of the school.
  • Being respectful of a colleague’s time, energy and efforts through timely and engaged attendance of meetings.
  • Notifying the office as soon as possible when a substitute is needed, and if possible, arrange for your own substitute.
  • Undertaking exceptional parent engagement through formal reporting and informal communications to build confidence and reputation of the school.
  • Conducting orientation meetings at the beginning, middle and end of the year, and any time new parents/parents come late.
  • Sending digitally and hard copy home a brief evaluation and conducting parent/teacher meetings every term and end of the year.
  • Actively taking part in marketing and sales campaigns to promote the school to prospective parents, institutions and organisations.
  • Strictly adhering to the required record keeping, policies and procedures of the organisation to ensure financial and legal compliance.
  • Complying to the staff Handbook and Code of Conduct
  • Adhering to company policies on finance, procurement and expenditure
  • Following all other company policies relevant to employees

Skills and Attributes

  • Teaching Certificate/Diploma/Bachelor Degree or relevant qualifications.
  • Trained in an English Medium program.
  • Trained in Montessori education system.
  • Experience working/ volunteer at international school; or
  • 3+ months of NGO volunteering/internship experience.
  • Fluency in written and spoken English and Kiswahili.
  • Competence in using common tools such as email, Google Docs, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Creative thinking abilities.
  • Adaptability and flexibility.

An essential part of the Silverleaf model is adherence to the core values of the organisation. These values are ingrained in our approach and extend to staff, students, parents and partners alike.

They are used throughout organisational processes and decision-making to guide what we do. For staff,adherence to these values is mandatory and forms the cornerstone of performance reviews.
  • Lead the Way – Demonstrate the principles of servant leadership by practicing empathy, considering needs of others, and setting a good example for peers in your community.
  • Speak, Listen, and Learn – Work together by sharing your ideas in an organized way, listening to the views of others, and considering different perspectives and angles.
  • Ask Why and Why Not – Think critically and use evidence to support your decisions, to find proactive ways to challenge what is possible and to innovate for positive changes.
  • Build for the Future – Look beyond today and equip yourself with the skills, attitudes and tools required to be a socially responsible global citizen in the world of tomorrow.
  • Unwavering Mission Focus – Set clear goals and be disciplined, diligent and determined in achieving them to the very best of your ability, regardless of the obstacles that may arise.

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