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Project Director at MDH Tanzania

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Jobs in Tanzania 2023: New Job Opportunities at Management and Development for Health (MDH), 2023Management and Development for Health (MDH) Jobs 2023
Management and Development for Health (MDH) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization whose primary aim is to contribute to address public health priorities of the people of Tanzania and the world at large.
These priorities include: communicable diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria; Reproductive, Maternal, New-born and Child health (RMNCH); Nutrition; Non-Communicable Diseases of public health significance; as well as Health System Strengthening. MDH strongly believes in and works in partnership with various local and global institutions, Ministry of Health (MoH); President’s Office Regional Authorities and Local Government (PORALG); donor agencies; academic and non-academic institutions; implementing partners; civil society, community-based and faith-based organizations and others.

MDH seeks a qualified individual to fill the job position below.....

MDH secured an award to implement and oversee a Three (3) year Global Fund Project from 2024 to 2026. The Project is aiming to tackle systemic obstacles that hinder progress in achieving better outcomes for HIV, Tuberculosis, and Malaria while simultaneously striving for equity, sustainability, and enduring impact. In line with this endeavor, MDH, as Prime for Global Fund Project, is in search of qualified individuals to fill the following job vacancies.

Project Director Career
Job Title: Project Director
Reports to: Chief Executive Officer
Location: Dar Es Salaam
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Job Summary:
The Project Director (PD) is responsible for the overall coordination and management of all Project, financial and administrative aspects of the MDH TB/HIV grant in accordance with the grant agreement and MDH policies and guidelines. H/she has the responsibility to lead the development of detailed work plans and provide administrative, financial and technical oversight. The PD manages and ensures coordination and communication with the various stakeholders involved in the implementation of the Project e.g. Tanzania National Coordinating Mechanism (TNCM), the Global Fund Secretariat, through its Fund Portfolio Manager (FPM), the Local Fund Agent (LFA), the Ministry of Finance, the MOHCDGEC through its Project Coordinating Unit, the National TB Control Project, The National AIDS Control Project, The PORALG, and MDH Central office. The PD will be accountable and contribute to business and resource development activities, including strategic communication, positioning and intelligence gathering.
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Main Roles and Responsibilities:
1. Management and Administration
i) Provide strategic leadership and technical, operational, and managerial leadership for successful implementation of the project.
ii) Develop the Global Fund TB/HIV grant’s annual Project budget in high quality and monitor its implementation closely and routinely.
iii) Design, develop and review implementation plans and strategies in lines with MDH policy, GF and country requirements.
iv) Perform oversight role on the Project from time to time. Identify reliable Technical Assistance for out sourcing some functions whenever required.
v) Provide technical leadership in the preparation of accurate and timely periodic reports to be submitted to the Global Fund while ensuring compliance with GF regulations, and procedures
vi) Be responsible for Project progress reporting to the TNCM and GFATM over the duration of the implementation of the grant and make recommendations for management decisions concerning Projects.
vii) Manage the preparation of reallocation requests / reprogramming requests for the GF Projects whenever needs arise.
viii) Facilitate a conducive work environment for the LFA’s when performing their tasks at the PR.
ix) Ensure active working relationship with the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, the National TB Control Project as well as National HIV/AIDS Control Project.
x) Facilitate timely and effective communication with the Global Fund Country Team for Tanzania, the TNCM, the LFA, other PRs, partners and stakeholders.
xi) Ensure effective working relationships with the various departments of MDH.
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2. Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning role

i) Ensure coordination and communication with the various stakeholders involved in the implementation of the project.
ii) Submit detailed quarterly narrative progress reports to update senior management within MDH prior to presentation to the TNCM.

3. Financial management role:
i) Ensure internal business planning in accordance with the work plan with the GF, LFA, SRs and other partners involved in the fight against TB/HIV.
ii) Analyze requests for disbursements from SRs to ensure their compliance with the outcomes of the project.
iii) Approve requests for disbursement and ensure that they are conducted in a timely manner to beneficiaries in accordance with project objectives.
iv) Ensure compliance and consistency of reports and financial management by the SRs.
v) Ensure SRs financial management capacity is well assessed and plans to enhance their capacity of any identified gaps are in place and conducted.

4. Human Resources Management role:
i) Assemble a well performing and highly motivated Global Fund TB/HIV Project team and sustain them with clear objectives and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and personal objective setting following MDH best practice standards.
ii) Provide Team and Individual level support and development needs identified and met for improved performance.
iii) Ensure team fulfillment of MDH core policies including Child Safeguarding Policy; Safety and Security, Code of conduct, Fraud and Anti-Bribery Policy, etc.
iv) Perform the updates needed related to the capacity building plans of SRs.
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Requirements, Education, work experience and skills:
  • Bachelor Degree in Public Health, Epidemiology, Medicine, Nursing, or other related discipline and Master’s Degree in Public Health is must.
  • PhD in Public Health or related field is an added advantage.
  • At Least Five to Ten (5-10) years of experience in Public Health, Healthcare management, or Project management is required.
  • Demonstrated experience in Project management, including planning, implementation, and monitoring, is crucial.
  • Leadership experience, especially in supervising teams and managing budgets, is often required.
  • Experience in research related to TB and HIV, as well as the ability to analyse epidemiological data, is beneficial.
  • Strong project management skills, including planning, budgeting, and monitoring progress, are essential.
  • Excellent Communication skills, both written and verbal, are critical for interacting with team members, stakeholders, and donors.
  • Strong leadership and team management skills to lead and motivate project staff.
  • Proficiency in Data analysis tools and techniques to assess project outcomes and make data-driven decisions.
  • Strong networking and relationship-building skills to collaborate with other organizations, Government agencies, and Donors.
  • Depee understanding of Public Health principles, TB, HIV, and related policies and guidelines.
  • Cultural competence and sensitivity when working with diverse populations and communities affected by TB and HIV.
Submit your application before 10th November 2023.
To apply for this job please visit

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