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Senior Crop Protection Expert at Social Impact (SI) Tanzania

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Social Impact (SI)
Jobs in Tanzania 2023: New Job Vacancies at Social Impact (SI) Tanzania,  2023
Social Impact (SI) Tanzania Jobs, 2023
Senior Crop Protection Expert
Senior Crop Protection Expert at Social Impact (SI) September, 2023
Development of USAID/Tanzania Mission-Wide Programmatic Pesticide Evaluation Report Safer Use Action Plan (PERSUAP)
USAID/Tanzania Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning, and Adaptation (T-MELA) Activity

Social Impact (SI) is a global development management consulting firm. We provide monitoring, evaluation, strategic planning, and capacity building services to advance development effectiveness. We work across all development sectors including democracy and governance, health and education, environment, and economic growth. Since 1997 we have worked in over 100 countries for clients such as US government agencies, bilateral donors, multilateral development banks, foundations, and nonprofits.

Project Description:

USAID/Tanzania awarded International Business Initiatives (IBI) and SI a four-year contract for the Tanzania Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning and Adaptation (T-MELA) Activity in January. This activity is to assist the USAID/Tanzania Mission with strategy- and activity-level performance monitoring, evaluation, and learning.

USAID/Tanzania is engaged in various projects across sectors like agriculture, health, and economic growth that involve the use of pesticides. These include ongoing programs like Kilimo Tija and health initiatives like Tanzania Malaria Case Management. The Pesticide Evaluation Report (PER) and Safer Use Action Plan (SUAP) (together, PERSUAP) is the instrument generally used by USAID missions and operating units to address pesticide procedures analytical requirements and thereby establish the pesticides authorized for procurement and/or use in a particular activity, program or sector portfolio, the uses permitted, and the conditions attendant to such procurement or use. Currently, different projects have their individual Pesticide Evaluation Report and Safer Use Action Plans (PERSUAPs) with varying guidelines and approved active ingredients.

To streamline and harmonize these efforts, USAID/Tanzania has tasked SI to develop a single, Mission-wide Programmatic PERSUAP. This unified plan will standardize the approved active ingredients and safety protocols across all projects and is set to be in operation from 2023 to 2028, subject to modifications as needed.

Position Description:
Social Impact is seeking an experienced Senior Crop Protection Expert to guide the development, support, roll-out, and implementation of the USAID/Tanzania Mission-wide Programmatic PERSUAP (Pesticide Evaluation Report and Safer Use Action Plan). This is a consulting position with an estimated start date of October 1, 2023. The estimated level of effort (LOE) for the Expert will be 30-35 dayswith potential in-person data collection of up to 2 weeks in Tanzania (in addition to remote data collection). The Expert will report directly to the Team Leader.
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The Crop Protection Expert will be responsible for contributing to all aspects of the assignment to guide the development, support, roll-out, and implementation of the USAID/Tanzania Mission-wide Programmatic PERSUAP (Pesticide Evaluation Report and Safer Use Action Plan). This would include desk review of strategic documents, data collection from stakeholders and development of the Mission-wide PERSUAP:
Research & Analysis
  • Conduct interviews with potential stakeholders such as Implementing Partners and government entities to understand the context of Pesticide Use
  • Perform initial research to analyze active ingredients (AIs) in alignment with the Programmatic PERSUAP.
  • Assess the registration status of pesticides in Tanzania, and review EPA, FAO and WHO guidelines.
Stakeholder Coordination
  • Lead bi-weekly discussions with contractors, USAID/Tanzania team, REA, and BEO.
  • Gather essential background data by consulting with USAID/Tanzania staff and implementing partners.
Risk & Methodology
  • Create a guide for the 12-factor analysis needed in the Pesticide Evaluation Report (PER).
  • Head the development of technical and methodological aspects for the PERSUAP.
Compliance & Regulatory Oversight
  • Identify Tanzanian market products and AIs compatible with USAID/Tanzania initiatives.
  • Assist in writing and reviewing content related to Tanzanian laws and emerging pest outbreaks.
  • List Tanzanian Government restrictions on use of pesticides, and conditions required following an analysis of EPA registration of the same pesticides.
  • Review existing local Tanzanian and USAID laws and regulations for pesticide management.
  • Review Pesticide registrations processes in Tanzania and identify issues and best practices to be used in development of the Mission-wide PERSUAP.

Training & Skill Development
  • Train Mission staff and partners on how to create Activity PERSUAPs.
  • Help outline the training and certification needs for pesticide handlers.
  • Record activities supported by USAID/Tanzania, including safety protocols.
Reporting & Review
  • Prepare a consolidated draft of the Mission-wide Programmatic PERSUAP for evaluation.
  • Address stakeholder feedback and facilitate any required adjustments.
Review and study Pesticide Evaluation Report and Safer Use Action Plan (PERSUAP) to ensure procurement and use of pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, or any other chemical will be issued in compliance with the PERSUAP.
  • Work in coordination with USAID Mission Environmental Officer to develop PERSUAP.
Contribute to producing a high-quality programmatic PERSUAP with the following sections:
- Programmatic PERSUAP including draft strategies for implementation of PERSUAPs with the following sections (~ 45 pages)
  • Summary of scope, geography, and follow-on requirements for Mission Section 1 – USAID’s pesticide procedures
  • Section 2 – key definitions and essential components of Activity PERSUAP
  • Section 3 – scope, content, geography and methodology to develop
  • Section 4 – Environmental and contextual use
  • Section 5 – Local regulatory context and capacity
  • Section 6 – Active Ingredient (AI) approvals and restrictions
  • Section 7 – Guidance for Activity PERSUAPs
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Qualifications and Skills:

The Crop Protection Expert must have/hold:
  • Academic (Master’s or PhD is preferred) and professional background and experience in the fields of Agronomy, Plant Protection, Entomology or Integrated Pest Management will be an advantage, Toxicology, or any related field or related fields.
  • 5 or more years of experience in pesticide management, or related areas, especially in Tanzania.
  • Proven track record in the development and implementation of Pesticide Evaluation Reports and Safer Use Action Plans (PERSUAPs) or similar documents.
  • Experience working in Tanzania or a similar context, understanding the local regulatory framework and cultural factors affecting pesticide use.
  • Familiarity with USAID projects and guidelines with previous professional experience completing USAID IEEs/EMMPs/PERSUAPs is highly desirable.
  • Strong knowledge of Tanzanian and international pesticide regulations.
  • Experience in developing strategic documents is highly required.
  • Ability to develop effective working relationships with USAID, local organizations, other program partners and counterparts.
  • Proficient in risk assessment methodologies and tools relevant to pesticide management.
  • Comprehensive understanding of Tanzanian environmental regulations and World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines on pesticide use.
  • Skilled in stakeholder engagement and facilitating discussions between multiple parties including government agencies such as Tanzania Plant Health and Pesticides Authority (TPHPH) is required, NGOs, and local communities.
  • Must be fluent (writing and speaking) in English; additional language proficiency in relevant languages (e.g. Kiswahili) would be an asset.
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The closing date for application:
September 25, 2023. Selection and interview will be performed on a rolling basis, and interested candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. To apply, please merge both your CV and a cover letter into one pdf file and submit it through the posting on Social Impact’s careers site here.

Come join our energetic and innovative team! We offer you the opportunity to play a leading role in the growth of our company, work as part of a creative and committed team, and make a difference in the well-being of our world.

To learn more about Social Impact, please visit our website:
SI is an EEO/AA/ADA Veterans Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability or protected veteran status.
Only selected candidates will be contacted for an interview. Please, no phone calls.

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