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Junior Expert Youth Entrepreneurship (Rikolto) at Enabel Tanzania

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Enabel - Belgian Development Agency
Jobs in Tanzania 2023: New Job Vacancies at Enabel Belgian Development Agency, 2023
Enabel - Belgian Development Agency Jobs, 2023
TAN.2304 - Junior Expert Youth Entrepreneurship (Rikolto)
NGO Intervention
Location: Mbeya, Tanzania

The Junior Programme, executed by Enabel, offers the opportunity for talented young people of various origin, gender and education backgrounds to contribute professionally to international solidarity projects. Through their experience they develop the competences to actively and sustainably engage in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. The Junior Programme aims to make them active and critical global citizens who are committed to the SDGs.

The Junior Experts work at least 1 and at most 2 years in a project of Enabel or of one of the Non-governmental Actors (NGA) that are affiliated with the Junior Programme.
The Programme Junior only accepts young people aged 30 at most.

General information
Reference code: ​TAN.2304_JE_Youth Entrepreneurship_Rikolto ​
Work location: Tanzania, Mbeya, Rikolto, Building Inclusive and Competitive Horticulture Business in the Tanzanian Southern Highlands (BICHOBS)
Contract type: CDI with terme clause
Contract duration: 1 year extendable
Maximum contract extension: 12
Expected contract start date: between 1/02 and 15/04/2024.
Monthly gross salary package: 1 762,77 € + reimbursement of accommodation costs and various benefits. Please consult our website for more information.

The horticulture sector in Tanzania faces number of challenges that limit its capacity to fully exploit market opportunities. Even though the southern highlands of Tanzania are considered as a breadbasket of the country, there is a high rate of malnutrition, particularly among children.

Rikolto is implementing a 4-year horticulture program (2020-2024) called “EU AGRI-CONNECT" which is funded by the European Union with the objective of increasing the competitiveness and profitability of the horticulture sector in Southern-Tanzania.

The objective of the project is to contribute to inclusive growth, promote private sector development and job creation in the agricultural sector, and to increase food and nutrition security in Tanzania. This programme is contributing to the 2022 – 2026 Rikolto strategy which is mainly funded by DGD.
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The Junior Expert will support 3 Rikolto program advisors in designing and implementing a youth entrepreneurship and mentorship program that aims to make youth-led businesses that contribute to safer, more sustainable and more nutritious diets, investment-ready:

Required training/degree (eliminatory on CV):
Master or Professional Bachelor’s Degree 
  • Agronomy/Bio-engineer
  • Sociology/Anthropology/Social work
  • Economy/Commercial engineer/Marketing
  • Development studies
Required specific knowledge (eliminatory on CV):
  • Have an (additional) training in a field like food science, nutrition, agricultural economics
  • OR a first experience of at least 3 months in one of these fields
  • AND/OR an entrepreneurial experience in (f.e) startup support of 3 months.
Preferred assets (not eliminatory on CV):
  • Able to work creatively in low resource/skill environments
  • Not only be an implementer of activities but have an explorative mindset; willing to try out new things, without a fixed framework for example.
  • Capacity to facilitate and manage group discussions, particularly in a multi-stakeholder context.
  • Sensitivity to sustainability issues within food systems
  • Previous experience in the field of sustainable food, agriculture, or agribusiness, preferably in the Global South, is an added value.
  • Keen interest for knowledge management and system thinking in programming
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Language skills:
  • English (working language)
  • Dutch: basic knowledge (level A2)
  • French: basic knowledge (level A2)
Discover the complete job description

Admission criteria
Only candidates who meet the following prerequisite admission criteria by TAN.2304 - Junior Expert Youth Entrepreneurship (Rikolto) can apply:
1. Hold Belgian nationality or be a citizen of a member state of the European Economic Union or the Swiss Confederation.
2. Born after 1st October 1992.
3. Able to deliver an extract from their criminal record to prove their behaviour in accordance with the requirements of the job and enjoying full civil and political rights.
4. Specific criteria (see job profile).
You'll be asked to provide documents that prove you meet these criteria in case of an actual recruitment for a Junior Expert position.
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Application instructions
Please follow the instructions underneath to complete your online CV and to submit your application correctly and timely. Only applicants who meet all prerequisite admission criteria and who have submitted a complete application will be invited to the rest of the selection procedure.

1- Please complete all blocks of information directly in your candidate profile (CV online) in one of these languages: EN, FR or Dutch.
2- Apply for one or more jobs in the language of the job offer :
  • The job offer is written in English, write your motivation letter in ENGLISH!
  • The job offer is written in French, write it in FRENCH !
3- Be as complete as possible in the information you share about your education, your current and previous work experience. We cannot accept incomplete applications.

4- We advise you to save your data regularly. Beware also of the fact that the application tool does not make it easy to edit long descriptions directly in your candidate profile, because the full text is not visible until you’ve finished editing. We advise you therefore to prepare any long items on a separate word document and to copy paste it later on.
Answer all the extra questions on the second page.
6- Attach at the end your motivation letter and CV in pdf in the LANGUAGE OF THE JOB OFFER. Applications that are not written in this language, will not be accepted!
If you are interested, please apply between 19th September and 1st October 2023 – Brussel Local Time. Past the cut-off the date it will be impossible to submit your application for this job.

Only applications that are registered here via our on-line portal will be considered.
For more information regarding the selection procedure you can send e-mail to

For more information regarding this position you can contact the Junior Programme Project Officer
Maureen Debruyne – - +32 477 97 47 84
We thank you in advance for your interest in our Junior Programme!

Thanks for reading Junior Expert Youth Entrepreneurship (Rikolto) at Enabel Tanzania

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