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Individual Consultant: TOR at Medical Teams International Tanzania

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Medical Teams International
Jobs in Tanzania 2023: New Job Vacancies at Medical Teams International Tanzania, 2023

Medical Teams International Tanzania 2023
Individual Consultant: Terms Of Reference at Medical Teams International Tanzania September, 2023
1.0 Background:
Since 1979, Medical Teams International has provided health-focused humanitarian relief around the world. A 501(c)(3) non-profit headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Medical Teams’ health programs operate at the intersection of communities and primary health care facilities, responding to both sudden-onset and protracted complex emergencies in fragile contexts. Medical Teams supports health programming around the world through direct medical services, community systems strengthening, and health systems strengthening.

Years of cyclical conflict and instability in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Burundi have caused hundreds of thousands of people to flee to Tanzania seeking refuge. It was this displacement crisis that brought Medical Teams to Tanzania and on the 21st of May 2018. MTI was registered under the laws of Tanzania with a Certificate No. 00009669, with two offices located at Plot 50 MD, Block C, Kibondo District, and Plot 149 and 151, Block S in Kasulu, Kigoma Region, Tanzania. The organization currently has five offices (Kigoma town, Kasulu, Kibondo, Mwanza and Dar es salaam.)

In 2018 and 2019, MTI and Tanzania Red Cross Society (TRCS) worked to improve access to quality primary health care and comprehensive maternal, reproductive, and new-born health in Nyarugusu and Nduta camps. MTI procured essential medicines based on UNHCR and interagency agreed essential items to address availability of medicines and medical consumables.

The UNHCR and PRM funded project implemented by MTI from May 2020, aims to reduce morbidity and mortality rates in Northwest Tanzania, by improving access to, and quality of health and nutrition services for 206,566 PoCs living in Nyarugusu (130,003) and Nduta (76,563) refugee camps, and 20,000 Tanzanian host community members. The project activities supplement MTI’s role in Nyarugusu and Nduta camps for:
  • Strengthening reproductive health services and referrals
  • Supplying medicines, medical consumables, and equipment
  • Building capacity of health professionals and strengthening the health system

Currently the Country Office generally use paper forms to collect data, and store data in excel databases As our health projects at Medical Teams continue to expand, it has become imperative to transition away from manual paper-based systems for data collection, analysis, and management. These antiquated methods not only hinder effective management of extensive data sets but also compromise the uniformity and accuracy of data reporting.

MTI is seeking individual consultants to install and customize DHIS2 software for program monitoring and oversight. The purpose of this consultancy is to establish a DHIS2-based M&E system and build the capacity of relevant staff to enable them to maintain the DHIS2 M&E platform.

2.0 Purpose:
The main purpose of this consultancy is to customize the DHIS2 software to align it to MTI monitoring processes and procedures. Additionally, to build the capacity of relevant staff to enable them to maintain and make use of the DHIS2 Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) platform.

3.0 Scope of the consultancy work:
The individual consultants will work to carry out the following tasks:
  • Work with the MTI MEAL focal point and IT system Business Analyst during the DHIS2 development process.
  • Review key project documents and reporting tools and other relevant documents including but not limited to:
  1. Weekly report
  2. All reports expected by donors and
  3. MTI monitoring tools, like Abbreviated Balance Score Card, stock out
  • Develop working document that clearly defines the data collection, entry, cleaning, compilation, analysis of data, report, and data quality MTI will approve proposed procedures and instruments.
  • Configure the DHIS2
  • Configure/develop structure of database containing the organization structure, data sets, indicators, data entry forms, and data visualization, user role.
  • Configure data administration, data quality and uses
  • Customize the open-source DHIS2 M&E system and set up DHIS2 instance; deploy DHIS2 database on one of the selected hosting
  • Code the data elements and indicators for interoperability purpose, and
  • Configure the GIS
  • Configure mobile (light entry modules).
  • Develop customized
  • Configure the user rights module
  • Customize data entry forms, organizational units, dashboards, and data quality modules
  • Fix any errors/bugs.
  • Customize accompanying operating and practical
  • Train project M&E staff, Registration Specialists, and IT Administrators to operate and manage the DHIS2.
  • Provide periodic updates on implementation status to keep teams involved updated Provide free technical support for a period of 3 months post-rollout

4.0 Deliverables:
  • Post Implementation Support Plan
  • Final consultancy report detailing work done

5.0 MTI expects the consultant to complete and submit the following deliverables:
  • An inception report that clearly defines the methodologies for information gathering analysis, consultation/presentation and report writing with regards to this consultancy. MTI will approve proposed methodologies, procedures, and
  • Completed structure of database containing the organization structure, locations, and
  • Data entry set up for online and offline modules and as well as for mobile data collection
  • Definition of indicators and metadata
  • Automated data exports for each required donor report
  • Dashboard with key data visualizations (as defined by Medical Teams)
  • Incorporation of data validations to ensure data consistency and
  • Configure user accounts and associated roles.
  • Re-use the available hosting option for testing and deploying the DHIS2 solution Initial maintenance plan after final deployment
  • Fi Workshop training for staff users on how to use the features on the database (data entry, pulling reports, admin roles dashboards). Migrate the back-log data collected by different formats/excel from previous years.
  • Final consultancy report
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6.0 MTI will provide / organize:
  • Organizational focal point for the project. Workspace at MTI’s Dar Es Salaam and Kasulu offices for meetings and collaboration as
  • Travel to/from MTI’s offices (including air travel and hotel accommodation as applicable)
  • Reimbursement of reasonable travel expenses incurred while on site
  • Data entry and reporting requirements and existing templates to inform DHIS2 design
  • Review of data entry forms, data validations, dashboards, and metadata according to project timeline

7.0 Job Requirements: Education:
  • Advanced Degree (master’s level) in a relevant field (computer science, data/information/health management, econometrics, advanced statistical analysis, information technology, and software engineering).
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8.0 Experience:
  • 5 years’ experience in information system management especially on web-based software platforms development and database
  • 5 years’ experience in DHIS2 configuration
  • Previous work experience supporting countries in DHIS2 rollout in sub-Saharan countries including experience in training DHIS administration and health information
  • Excellent skills and experience in training facilitation, mentoring and capacity
  • Demonstrate oral and written communication skills, including
  • High level of experience in designing and implementing programme monitoring and evaluation systems, with practical experience in health and health related programme monitoring and

9.0 Period for Submission and deliverables:
The consultancy individual should follow the overall time frame of 60 calendar days starting from signing of the agreement to the finalization of report (incorporating all changes and requests from MTI).
The consultant will update MTI on the progress of the work A draft and final consultancy report should be submitted when the final user training is completed.

10.0 Technical and Budget proposal:
Medical Teams is seeking an individual consultant with practical experience in establishing and implementing DHIS2. MTI expects not more than 10 pages of a technical proposal that must include the following points:
  • A description of your experience customizing and deploying the DHIS2
  • A description of your proposed method for completing the project, to include planning sessions, the outline of the key steps and the sequence of the work,
  • A clear and detailed timeframe to complete the tasks, with an indication of timelines against individual deliverables.
  • A complete list of references of clients with demo links to previous work that the consultant has worked with on a similar
  • A complete list of proposed budgets for each
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11.0 Payment:
  • The payment for the consultancy work shall be made in two phases, according to the following schedule: The first payment of 40% advance of the total agreed contractual amount will be made when the service provider completes the drafts DHIS2 customization
  • The remaining payment of 60% of the total contractual amount shall be made to the consultant upon approval and acceptance of the work carried out by the consultant, consisting of the above tasks and

Application Procedure:
All interested individuals who meet the criteria should email their application letter, CV, in either PDF or Word only, including three referees. to:
Application Deadline: 21st of September 2023 at 1700HRS. Only the shortlisted individuals will be contacted for the interview. (open for 14 days only)

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