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Occupational Therapist at Sibusiso Foundation Tanzania

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Sibusiso Foundation Tanzania
Jobs in Tanzania 2023: New Job Vacancies at Sibusiso Foundation Tanzania, 2023
Sibusiso Foundation Tanzania Jobs, 2023
Occupational Therapist
Occupational Therapist at Sibusiso Foundation Tanzania August, 2023

About Sibusiso:
Sibusiso is a Tanzanian non-profit organization (Foundation) located in Arusha, Tanzania. The Foundation aims to support positive change in the lives of mentally disabled children and their caretakers. This is done via the Support Center and Knowledge Centre though the below core activities:
1. Offering special education to help mentally disabled children discover and develop their potential
2. Counselling of family members, in the center and in their community
3. Providing assistance in accessing the different social services
4. Networking between Sibusiso and other organizations
5. Advocating the rights of mentally disabled children
6. Creating awareness of the situation of mentally disabled children Sibusiso has just over 50 employees.
The organization is split into a Programs section, with 20 professional staff, and a Financial & Operations section to provide support to the Programs section. The Programs section consists of the Support Center and the recently created Knowledge Center.

Job Overview:
As the Occupational Therapist, it is expected that you will utilize clinically accepted procedures to assess, plan and carry out physiotherapy programs either directly or through training caregivers and community to reach each client's maximum potential. The objective of this position is to provide home, community and center-based services to a wide range of clients from ages 0-27. This position works as part of an interdisciplinary team, working collaboratively with other professionals to determine the best array and intensity of services based on goals of the family

 All children and caretakers obtain the necessary therapy, training and information on time.
 All files of the individual children are up to date at all times.
 Good communication with other departments.
Read Also:
1. Work with all clients who are in the various programs of the center such as the outpatients, outreach, 3 months, 6 months and school program.
2. Make a detailed clinical assessment and diagnosis in order to rehabilitate their physical problem/condition.
3. Design and review clinical management plans by the use of various techniques, such as specialist rehabilitation, long-term strategies, clinical techniques etc
4. Involve parents and caretakers in the treatment, review and rehabilitation of clients.
5. Empower the support staff, through education and advice, to take control of the care of the clients in the various programs.
6. Liaise with other healthcare professionals, such as consultants, physical therapists and social workers, to exchange information about the background and progress of patients, as well as to refer clients who require other medical attention.
7. Keep up to date with new techniques and technologies available for treating patients and make recommendations to the management.
8. Supervise volunteer and assistant therapists
9. Assist therapy support workers
10. Be caring, compassionate and professional at all times
11. Manage clinical risk.
12. Carry out home therapy visits and compile a brief report of the clients visited. 13. Develop an individualized treatment plan.
14. Use hands-on therapy such as massage to ease patients’ pain and provide stimulation to promote healing.
15. Maintain patient records by keeping track of goals and progress while adapting treatment plans accordingly.
16. Advise patients and their families on in-home treatment options and what to expect from the recovery process.
17. Coach patients and teach them therapeutic exercises and stretches to improve their condition
18. Assist head of therapy to Conduct performance and appraisal evaluation on the assistant therapists as per the organization policy and procedures.
19. Assist Head of therapy to prepare detailed monthly, quarterly and annual activity reports for the therapy department
Read Also:

 Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
 Interpersonal skills to establish a rapport with patients and their families
 The ability to explain treatments simply to patients and their families
 Teamwork skills to collaborate with other healthcare professionals, such as doctors, nurses, occupational therapists and social workers
 Good manual skills and the ability to move equipment
 Problem-solving ability
 Tolerance, patience, sensitivity and tact
 Organisation and administrative skills
 A firm but encouraging and empathetic attitude
 The ability to motivate others in order to get them to engage with their own care
 A genuine concern for the wellbeing and health of patients
 A real interest in anatomy and physiology
 The ability to work under pressure and manage your time effectively
 It skills
 A flexible approach to work.
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This job description is intended to outline the general nature and level of work performed by individuals assigned to this position. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties, and skills required.

If you are keen to grow your career your own way and to discover how a career with Sibusiso Foundation will benefit you, find out more by visiting us at and apply through before 15th September, 2023. Your career path will be unique, diverse, and exceptional as we give you the best opportunities to excel and shine.

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