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Spatial Data and Analytics Manager at Mwambao Coastal Community Network June, 2023

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Mwambao Coastal Community Network
Jobs in Tanzania 2023: New Job Vacancies at Mwambao Coastal Community Network, 2023
Mwambao Coastal Community Network Tanzania Jobs, 2023
Spatial Data and Analytics Manager
Spatial Data and Analytics Manager at Mwambao Coastal Community Network June, 2023
Job title: Spatial Data and Analytics Manager
Supervisor: Head of Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning
Duty Station: Unguja, Zanzibar
Start Date: As soon as possible

Mwambao Coastal Community Network was established in 2010 to help communities in Tanzania’s
coastal areas develop strong and effective local resource management systems that support livelihoods and sustain marine ecosystems. Mwambao empowers local communities and enables them to learn from each other through a community-based network spanning different coastal areas and communities.This network structure fosters learning as well as collective action on shared interests such as influencing policy.

Mwambao has emerged as a leading actor in facilitating community-based marine management in Zanzibar as well as north-eastern Tanzania working with a number of key international partners. Mwambao takes a rights-based approach to implementing measures that improve reef ecosystem health, improve the sustainability of key fisheries, improve local well-being through the inclusion of fishers into their fishing ground management and provide opportunities to engage in other livelihood activities. Mwambao’s work now spans the Unguja and Pemba islands as well as the northern mainland coast of Tanzania mainland.

Scope of work
The Spatial Data and Analytics Manager is responsible for managing spatial data, Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tool (SMART) patrol data, and microcredit data within the organization. The position involves overseeing the collection, organization, analysis, and reporting of spatial data to support decision-making and strategic planning. The role also includes managing the data collected from SMART patrols and microcredit programs, ensuring data quality, and leveraging analytics to derive insights.

Key Relationships:
Report to
: the Head of Monitoring and Evaluation
Key relationships within Mwambao: Head of Coastal Livelihoods and Head of Coastal and Marine Programmes, Head of MEL, Technical Advisors
Line Management: GIS Officer
Roles and Responsibilities
  • Manage Spatial Data: Oversee the collection, organization, storage, and maintenance of spatial data, including GIS datasets, satellite imagery, and other relevant spatial data sources.
  • Manage SMART Patrol Data: Coordinate the collection, integration, and analysis of data gathered from SMART patrols or similar monitoring systems, ensuring data quality, standardisation, and compliance with protocols.
  • Manage Mkuba Data: Handle the collection, organisation, and analysis of financial and environmental data, including borrower information, loan repayment records, and financial and environmental indicators, while ensuring data confidentiality, accuracy, and accessibility.
  • Conduct Data Analysis and Reporting: Perform data analysis to extract meaningful insights from spatial, SMART patrol, and MKUBA data. Identify patterns, trends, and correlations to support decision-making and strategic planning. Generate reports, visualisations, and presentations to communicate findings effectively.
  • Apply Spatial Analytics and Modeling: Utilise spatial analysis techniques, such as spatial statistics, geospatial modelling, and spatial visualisation, to gain insights from spatial data. Develop and implement spatial models to predict patterns, optimise resource allocation, and support planning processes.
  • Ensure Data Quality Assurance: Implement data quality control measures to ensure accuracy, completeness, and consistency of spatial, SMART patrol, and MKUBA data. Develop and enforce data standards, protocols, and documentation practices.
  • Collaborate and Manage Stakeholders: Collaborate with internal teams, including field staff, IT, and data science teams, to facilitate data collection, integration, and analysis processes. Work closely with stakeholders to understand their data needs, provide support, and deliver actionable insights.
  • Manage Technology and Tools: Stay up-to-date with emerging technologies, software, and tools related to spatial data management, analytics, and visualisation. Evaluate, select, and implement appropriate technologies to enhance data management efficiency and analysis capabilities.
  • Conduct Training and Knowledge Sharing: Conduct training sessions and workshops to enhance the spatial data literacy and analytical skills of team members and stakeholders. Share knowledge and best practices related to spatial data management, SMART patrol data, and microcredit data within the organization.
  • Ensure Compliance and Data Security: Ensure compliance with relevant data protection regulations and standards. Implement appropriate security measures to protect sensitive data, including spatial, SMART patrol, and MKUBA data, from unauthorised access or breaches.
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  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a relevant field such as Geographic Information Systems, Geography, Environmental Science, or Data Science.
  • Strong knowledge of spatial data management, including data collection, organisation, and analysis.
  • Proficiency in GIS software and other spatial analysis tools.
  • Experience in managing and analysing large datasets.
  • Familiarity with SMART patrol data collection systems and VSLA information management is advantageous.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, with the ability to derive insights from complex datasets.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills, with the ability to effectively communicate technical information to both technical and non-technical stakeholders.
  • Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment and manage multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Familiarity with data protection regulations and best practices in data security.
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To apply for this post please submit a CV and Cover Letter (max 2 pages) and complete this form by June 26th. The cover letter should include why you are interested in this position with Mwambao and emphasize how your skills and experience match those required for the job. Only candidates who meet the requirements for this position will be contacted for an interview.

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