Sunday, March 19, 2023

Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid in an Interview

  AjiraLeo Tanzania       Sunday, March 19, 2023
Tired of being called for interviews but you never seem to make the cut? Maybe you have been making some mistakes unknowingly. Here’s what to avoid doing during the interview.

1. Dress Appropriately
First impressions matter. If you want to be taken seriously, dress professionally. Also, when you dress accordingly, it will boost your confidence and increase your chances of standing out (positively) and being remembered.

2. Be punctual
Professional environments have an escalated sensitivity to time. Arriving early allows you to take in the environment, calm down and it will surely not go unnoticed.

3. Using your phone during the interview
This is quite rude as it is a clear indication of a short attention span, lack of respect for your potential employers and will make you stand out in all the wrong ways.
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4. Not knowing anything about the company
This is a common mistake but one of the biggest. Why apply to what you do not know? Say you were to apply for a job at a company like Sokabet…..and you did not know that they offer the best Sport Betting experiences in Tanzania; that is definitely not a green flag for you. There is no logic behind such hence,companies will be hesitant in hiring you.

5. Talking too much
Be brief but straightforward. Answer the questions and avoid volunteering unnecessary information. Everything you say should be an answer to the question asked and add value to your resume, allowing you to come off as the candidate the company wants.

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