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Stock Controller at Serengeti Breweries Limited (SBL)

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Serengeti Breweries Ltd (SBL)
Jobs in Tanzania 2023: New Job Vacancies at Serengeti Breweries Limited (SBL) 2023
Serengeti Breweries Limited (SBL) Jobs 2023
Stock Controller
locations Moshi, Tanzania
time type Full time
job requisition id JR1079021
Job Description :
From Arthur Guinness to Johnnie Walker, our business was founded on people of great character, and in 250 years, nothing has changed. We’re the world’s leading premium alcohol company. Our brands are industry icons. And our success is thanks to the strength of our people, in every role. It’s why we trust them with our legacy. And it’s why we reward them with the career-defining opportunities that they deserve. Our ambition is to build the best performing, most trusted and respected Consumer Products Company in the world. To achieve these, we need the world’s very best people. Feel inspired? Then this may be the opportunity for you.

Serengeti Breweries Limited (SBL) is a fully integrated beverage business in Diageo Africa (supply and demand for beer and spirits) It is a subsidiary of East Africa Breweries Limited (EABL), the largest business unit in Diageo Africa and the largest listed Company on the NSE in Kenya.

SBL was incorporated in 1988 as Associated Breweries Limited and changed its name to Serengeti Breweries Limited in 2002, and commenced commercial operations in 1996 with one brewery in Dar es Salaam. The company was acquired by EABL in October 2010 and has three breweries located in Dar es Salaam, Mwanza and Moshi.

SBL flagship brand is Serengeti Premium Lager. Other brand portfolios include Pilsner Lager, Serengeti Lite, Kibo Gold and Guiness. Headquartered in Dar es Salaam, SBL is also the distributor of several global Diageo international renowned spirit brands such as Johnnie Walker®, Smirnoff Vodka®, Bailey’s Irish Cream ®, Richot®, Bond 7 Whiskey® and Gilbeys Gin®.
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Quality Requirement
Controlled and monitored inventory
  • To control and monitor inventory so that customers receive the right quantity and quality materials at the right time
  • Materials are in line with the customer’s and Company requirements, specifications and standards
  • Zero stock losses by implementing appropriate inventory management controls
  • Materials are easily accessible
  • Correct and sufficient stock levels are maintained throughout the year
  • Inventory storage and data are correct and accurate
  • Ensure adherence to monthly and annual stock count routines
  • Ensure full adherence to all relevant controls related to stores management
Analyses and solved situational problems
  • To analyze and solve situational and operational problems so that actions are implemented to prevent reoccurrence.
  • Team members are empowered, encouraged and supported to solve situational/operational problems
Compiled and issued documentation and reports
  • To compile and issue stores documentation and reports (stock availability, stock adjustments, stock take, etc) so that customers can assist in the effective management and control of inventory
  • Information is in line with customer’s needs
  • Information is 100% accurate
  • Documentation/reports are user friendly
  • Documentation/reports are sent out timely
Drafted and updated work instructions
  • To write and update work instructions so that current work instructions are available for training, reference and audit purposes
  • Up to date work instructions are available for all store activities, disposal of waste/material, housekeeping and safety
  • Work instructions are understandable and accurate
  • Work instructions are easily accessible
  • Work instructions are compiled as per Company Standards
  • Store activities are in line with work instructions
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Enforced and maintained safe and secure working environment
  • To enforce and maintain safety and housekeeping standards as per company standards so that accidents are minimized
  • Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) standards and practices are enforced equally in respect of all team members
  • Safety reports and checklist are updated as needed
  • Incident statistics and accident reports are accurate
Disposed waste/obsolete material
  • To organize and document disposal of waste and obsolete materials so that sufficient storage space is available, assets are maximized and waste/material losses are minimized
  • Waste and material is disposed of as per work instruction and in an environmentally safe manner
  • Timely disposal of waste and materials
Fast an Accurate Material Retrieval
  • To ensure availability of resources to effect delivery/issuing of materials
  • To ensure issues and receipts are processed timeously
  • To ensure issues and receipts are processed accurately
Supported, guided and coached team members
  • To encourage, assist, support and coach team members so that the team members are capable and competent to achieve and exceed team targets, required performance and future workplace challenges
  • Team members are treated in line with Company values and ethical guidelines
  • Team members are continuously encouraged to actively participate in relevant team activities (e.g. controlling stock losses, goal setting, staffing, problem solving, etc.)
  • Team members are allowed and encouraged to make decisions and to solve problems relevant to their work
  • Ensure effective execution of daily Stores Tier 1 meeting
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Communicated operational information
  • To communicate operational information to team members so that team members know, understand, and have access to relevant information to perform work activities effectively
  • Operational information refers to good inventory control practices, operational problems and solutions, monthly stock losses, customer complaints, production requirements, quality issues, EHS issues, new developments, change interventions, absenteeism, etc.
  • Information is understandable, current, clear, visible and accessible to all team members
  • Information is in line with team goals and individual needs
Managed team relationships
  • To manage team relationships so that team relations are healthy and strong to support excellent performance
  • Support is given to team members in respect of personal problems
  • Team members are treated as thinking individuals capable of making unique contributions which are encouraged and recognized
  • Team members feel that they are being heard and understood
  • Team relationships are underpinned by trust
  • Diverse opinions and cultures of team members are being respected
  • Conflicts and disputes are resolved in line with the HR policy and values and ethics
Developed and monitored team goals
  • To develop and monitor team goals against store specific benchmarks so that team members agree on, understand and work towards the same outputs
  • Team goals are developed with team members, quarterly
  • Team goals are in line with Company strategic imperatives, the unit business plan and the team’s input
  • Team goals are monitored daily, weekly and monthly against agreed targets or benchmarks
  • Team takes corrective action in respect of out of line situations
  • Team goals support best inventory control practices

Managed own development and performance
  • To actively develop oneself so that individual and team performance/ productivity is optimized
  • The individual knows what the outputs and context issues are for the Company and how these link to his/her own role model
Worker Type : Regular
Primary Location: Moshi

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