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New Job Vacancies at Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI) - Consultant

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Habitat for Humanity International
Jobs in Tanzania 2022: New Job Vacancies at Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI), 2022
Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI) Jobs
Consultancy To Facilitate A Stakeholder Validation Workshop on The Status of Housing Ecosystem in Tanzania
1.1 Background

Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI) is an international non-profit organization founded in 1976 with the aim of eliminating substandard housing and homelessness worldwide and to make adequate, affordable shelter a matter of conscience and action (Safran, 2014). The organization has helped more than 22 million people meet their affordable housing needs and obtain a safer place to live in, along with the strength, stability, and independence to build better lives, in more than 70 countries. Illustratively, Habitat for Humanity helped more than 8.7 million people worldwide improve their living conditions through new home construction, rehabilitation, incremental improvements, repairs, or improved market access to affordable housing, in the 2018 fiscal year (HFHI, 2018. HFH works through a broad network of national organizations and other strategic partners, such as corporations, financial service providers, individuals, non-governmental organizations, foundations, local governments, as well as private and third sector actors.

In Tanzania, HFH has been working in partnership with non-Habitat for Humanity branded organizations and institutions that are aligned with Habitat for Humanity Tanzania’s (HFHT’s) vision on a range of shelter- related programs, which include building, reconstruction, training, lending, and disaster response and mitigation projects. Under the housing provision programme, HFHT’s role has been to design and develop housing projects and contributing skills and provision of durable materials and micro loans.

1.2 Purpose and Rationale

In March 2022, HFHT conducted an extensive review of the status of the housing ecosystem in Tanzania in view of the foregoing, HFH commissioned a review with the overriding aim of understanding the status of the housing ecosystem in Tanzania with a view to strategically define its programmatic engagement in an impactful manner that will add value to the housing value chain. A report was prepared highlighting important aspects on housing status in the country including housing deficit; housing access and affordability; land management and regulatory systems for affordable housing, governance, and status of basic services for affordable housing, housing finance, building materials landscape; and design and building skills.

Its for the above reason that we are looking for a consultant to support in facilitating our stakeholder engagement and validation workshops with the responsibility of validating the analysis and findings of the Housing Ecosystem Status exercise in Tanzania, discuss key gaps and possible solutions and brainstorm on implementation of findings both at regional and national level

2.1 The Overall goal

The overall goal of the Validation Workshop is for the housing ecosystem report to be reviewed by the various stakeholders in the housing sector, and validated for adoption

2.2 Objectives of the consultancy
The objective of the assignment is to strengthen and expand existing participatory mechanisms on the housing sector in Tanzania and support the stakeholder engagement and validation of findings from the assessment.

The specific objectives are as follows:

  • Together with HFHI team, develop stakeholder engagement plan roadmap with the list of major participants and contact information both at the central and local level, state agencies, civil society organizations, including women groups
  • To improve on the quality of the research report through participatory assessment and feedback on the extent to which the realities at country level are adequately reflected
  • To improve on the quality of the research report through participatory assessment and feedback on the extent to which the realities at country level are adequately reflected
  • Develop a communications/advocacy strategy to inform key stakeholders (government and nongovernment) of the validation exercise and timelines
  • Sensitize the stakeholders on the findings of the Household Ecosystem Assessment
  • Jointly review the findings to collaboratively interpret and validate the recommendations
  • Facilitate multi-stakeholder discussions and receive inputs and submissions on the Housing Ecosystem Assessment Report
  • Facilitate the finalization of the Housing Ecosystem Assessment Report and its formal adoption

2.3 Expected Outputs from the workshop

The following are key expected outputs from the workshop:
  • Feedback on content of the report from participants compiled- This includes gaps and recommendations
  • A mailing list of participants
  • An agreed roadmap for finalisation and implementation of the report
  • A report validated by the stakeholders including policy makers, sector stakeholders, media etc
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2.4 Scope of the work
The validation exercise will target 3 major cities in Tanzania: Arusha, Dodoma, and Dar es Salaam


This event is expected to bring together representatives of the relevant government bodies, Ministries responsible for Housing, Civil Society organizations, International Organizations, Media Houses and any other actors or stakeholders who have directly or indirectly contributed or are well placed to influence the implementation of the findings.

The workshop is designed to create awareness on the findings of the Housing Ecosystems Assessment Report as well as promoting interactions among participants on the state of in Tanzania through power point presentations, plenary discussions, group discussions and a number of informal and interactive engagements.

The consultant is therefore required to provide a clear methodology on how they will be engaging the different stakeholders in the different regions – this include how they are going to identify the stakeholders and communicate to them.


The consultant/Consulting team should have the following attributes among others:
  • Demonstrable knowledge on the Housing Sector Landscape
  • Knowledge of stakeholders in the Housing Ecosystem in Tanzania
  • Experience facilitating stakeholder workshops and provide strategic recommendations to key stakeholders
  • Ability to respond to comments and questions in a timely, appropriate manner
  • Ability to write high quality, clear, concise reports in English
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All interested consultants/firms are requested to write an expression of interest not more than 8 pages by:
  • Explaining their experience working in the housing ecosystem; experience working with the housing landscape in Tanzania will be an added advantage
  • Explaining their competences to meet the requirements of the assignment (Individual or organization experience in conducting stakeholder validation workshops)
  • Explain in detail the methodology and approach to be used in carrying out the assignment
  • Provide a detailed professional budget (Indicate daily professional rates)
  • Provide duration of the assignment and when ready to undertake the assignment.
  • Provide samples (2) relevant work done

6.1 Costs and payments
The Consultant’s fee + all auxiliary costs: in USD
The consultant shall submit to HFHI an expression of interest indicating the consulting team’s daily rates for the assignment. HFHI will negotiate for the final fees in line with the budget available for this study and based on the experience of the chosen candidates.
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How to apply
6.2 Applications

Expressions of Interest shall be submitted by 28th August 2022 via e-mail to

Applications to include the following and shall be appraised as  they are received:
  • Brief description of consultancy firm/consultant/team include references and/or examples of previous work and reports
  • Detailed CVs of each suggested team member
  • Understanding of this TOR and suggested methodology
  • Availability of team and suggested schedule: An itemized action plan (indicating description of activities in chronological sequence and dates for each activity) should be highlighted.
  • Financial proposal
Each team member, incl. interpreters, etc. need to fully comply with and sign HFHI Conflict of Interest and Safeguarding Policy as well as commitment to data security and privacy.

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