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Region Commission Sales Managers New Jobs Vacancies All Regions at TUWAMIF Co. Ltd 2020

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Jobs in Tanzania 2020: New Jobs Vacancies at TUWAMIF Co. Ltd 2020
TUWAMIF is a company offering service through facilitates the need of various people to channel their financial support to different family members, society, and community, groups/saccos established and located elsewhere in the country in collaboration banking industries. TUWAMIF has established structured schemes that emphasize and incorporate a desire of an individual or a company to support welfare of their relative as well as community and society members, to offer appreciations and/or contributions to our loved-one/society for the role they played towards our status. TUWAMIF schemes promote inheritance of Tanzania social and cultural manners within our communities. Beneficiaries of TUWAMIF schemes acquire the state of well-defined and consistency financial support of which guarantee better future. We advocate employees/employers to join our schemes;- 1. Subsistence Allowance Support Scheme 2. Education Allowance Support Scheme 3. Child Allowance Support Scheme 4. Fixed Deposit Scheme Currently, TUWAMIF had engaged in initial communications with various private and public company as well as military and forces towards marketing its schemes. TUWAMIF has secure deduction code within central Government payroll system to facilitate its implementation to all civil servants. The company yearly revenue forecast is 1.1b, with 1.7m customers in Tanzania.

Job Title: Region Commission Sales Managers
Job Description
We are looking to hire a Region Commission Sales Manager`s to market and sale schemes of the company in the Location areas. Expected candidate shall be/had been a residency of the region and have strong historical background/knowledge of various regional cultural and development activities and challenges per sectors, existence and objectives of communities groups and Saccos. In addition, travel is expected to be 2% and the compensation associated with this position is competitive with the market and will be decided during the interview process based of skills, experience and set monthly target.
Regions: Dodoma, Arusha, Kilimanjaro, Tanga, Morogoro, Pwani, Dar es Salaam, Lindi, Mtwara, Ruvuma, Iringa, Mbeya, Singida, Tabora, Rukwa, Kigoma, Shinyanga, Kagera, Mwanza, Mara, Manyara, Njombe, Katavi, Simiyu, Geita, Songwe, Kaskazini Unguja, Kusini Unguja, Mjini Magharibi, Kaskazini Pemba, and Kusini Pemba 

  • Work with the senior management team to set revenue and sales goals on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis
  • Win customer satisfaction fully and create innovative programs for up-selling
  • Work with senior management to devise and implement innovative go-to-market strategies
  • Become a mentor to the district sales personnel team and nurture relationships with each associate in order to help them achieve their goals

Successful experience:
  • Selling multiple (product/service or related product/service) to more than 100,000 (buyer/ group) a year
  • Managing a team of minimum 3+ salespeople
  • Utilizing a CRM to manage team sales tasks, pipeline, and closing
  • Demonstrated ability to hire high performing salespeople
  • Strong ability to coach sales reps to higher performance
  • Ability to accurately forecast future sales volumes
  • Excels at selling intangible solutions into the B2B market DNA
  • Driven, energetic
  • Sense of urgency
  • Competitive nature

Typical characteristics, skills, and traits of a Region Commission Sale Manager include:
  • Communication skills: they listen first and speak second. They don’t chastise in public or private. They are aware of the message they transmit to their team, how it’s delivered, and how it’s perceived.
  • Integrity and trust: they never ask their reps to do something immoral, illegal, or something that goes against a company’s core values.
  • Ability to build relationships with peers, cross-functional counterparts, and upper management: They are committed to helping others be successful.
  • Empathy and ability to understand customer viewpoint and customer service
  • Ability to unite a team under a shared vision and know what motivates each member.
  • Analytical skills: They use data-driven reports to spur sales coaching sessions and empower reps to take ownership of their opportunity pipelines. They understand pricing, margins, and discounting impacts.
  • The ability to prioritize and effectively manage time
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Typical qualifications for a Region Commission Sale Manager include:
  • Demonstrated track record of meeting/exceeding goals as an individual contributor.
  • Successful experience building a territory from little or nothing
  • Skilled at building rapport, opening doors, and understanding business requirements of senior decision makers 
Day-to-day activities of a Region Commission Sales manager
Here is a list of typical duties of a sales manager, including daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly repeating tasks. 

Managing people
  • Set targets, performance plans, and rigorous, objective standards for sales representatives.
  • Meet with reps one-on-one weekly to review performance, progress, and targets. [Weekly]
  • Deliver deep performance reviews for each individual rep once or twice per year. [Semiannually or annually]
  • Coach individual sales representatives one-on-one through phone work and prospecting help sessions to help them improve sales performance.  [Weekly]
  • Participate in spontaneous sales call rides and planned field days. [Semimonthly or monthly]
  • Counsel, support, discipline, and fire under-performing sales representatives.
  • Develop a scalable sales process and ensure representatives adhere to it correctly.
  • Ensure that reps use sales technologies, such as a CRM, correctly.
  • Plan and implement training programs. Hold regular skills training sessions with internal or external sales trainers. [Monthly]
  • Plan and preside over weekly sales team meetings. [Weekly]
  • Hold team building events onsite or offsite. [Monthly]
  • Recruit, select, on-board, and train new sales reps.
  • In some cases, oversee regional and local sales managers.
  • Motivate and engage the sales team with monetary and non-monetary (intrinsic) motivational tactics, such as sales contests, lucrative incentive packages, prizes, and public recognition.
  • Unite the team: Ensure reps work as a positive unit and share their best practices.
  • Set a good example for the team. Work according to company culture and values, prioritize ruthlessly, use good communication, and deliver results effectively.

Managing customer needs
  • Maintain a deep understanding of customer needs and monitor their preferences.
  • Resolve escalated customer issues and customer complaints regarding sales and service.
  • Provide expertise when setting and adjusting charging plans and discount rates.
  • Provide advanced negotiation expertise.
  • Connect company headquarters with customers and salespeople in the field.

Managing the business
  • Determine and assign sales quotas, targets, and/or goals.
  • Project and forecast annual and quarterly revenue and for one or more sales territories.
  • Develop sales strategies to acquire new customers or clients.
  • Track sales team metrics and share them with company leadership.
  • Analyze sales data on sales results and develop plans to address performance gaps.
  • Collaborate with marketing executives to develop lead generation plans.
  • Prepare budgets and approve expenditures.
  • Monitor competition, economic indicators, and industry trends.
  • Advance one’s own professional and technical knowledge by attending workshops and other educational trainings, participating in professional societies and industry networks, and reading professional and industry publications.
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Application Procedures:
Write a maximum two pages application letter explain why you qualify, how you can do, and what you have done, based on the descriptions of a Region Commission Sales Managers we need. Provide truthfully and accessible communication means; include cellphone number, Regional Postal address, for verification and validation. Application should send with Ref Region Commission Sales Manager –(Region of your desire) before 24th January 2020. Upon finish one year as Region Commission Sales Manager, he/she will be entitled for fully employment only if achieve an outstanding performance. 

NOTE: At TUWAMIF to every service we establish, we believe we want to challenges the status core of our social and cultural manners, we believe in uncompromising facilitation.
Contact Us;
SalaSala, Seronga Road, Plot#370
Mob: 0769 398996, 0734 002769
Dar es Salaam.

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